Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Some Quick Things About Last Night

1) Shortly after I started, a lady came through and ordered a spicy crunchwrap, just lettuce, chicken, and cheese. I accidentally hit no lettuce instead of no sour cream, so of course, she came back in about 10 minutes, and wanted a new one. When she pulled up to the window, I said sorry, told her we'd make a new one, confirmed what she wanted on it, and put a bag of cinnamon twists in the bag as well, because we were out of pies. When I handed it out, she looked like she was going to either start crying, or start yelling at me :\

2) Got called in an hour early. Josh's reasoning was that they were in the middle of their supper rush, and there were only three of them working and such, so I consented and got my uniform on. What did I find when I got there?

For one, the "supper rush" had just ended. I sort of expected it to still be going, with the way he said it on the phone. Also, Steve's shift had been canceled. He only worked 'till 10 though, so that wasn't a big deal. But then I also learned that Earl had called earlier in the day, to ask me to come in early, then before he left, apparently told Josh to call me again, and tell me to come in. No, Earl. I don't care if you are the general manager. You don't just up and call and demand that I come in. And what's more, Cindy was supposed to be closing with us originally, but he changed her shift to end at midnight. And finally, sometime before he left, told Leeann she could leave around 7, despite being long gone before her shift ended. Ugh.

So that was the beginning to a fun 45 minutes or so of trying to run around getting stuff cleaned and caught up (it's amazing what the closers can get done in 10 minutes that the supper staff can't get done in their whole shift), and then I got put on drive through :x

So yeah. It was a fun shift. I am so glad I don't have to work tonight.

And as for goings-on today, waiting for Dad to get back from picking Adam up for lunch so I can go to Heart and Stroke, then once I'm done there, coming home, sleeping 'till 7 or so, then going back to whatever I feel like. The mail has yet to arrive as well, so hopefully I see at least one of the things I'm waiting for.

And they're back. Time to leave~

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