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Something I Almost Forgot

It's (thankfully) fairly rare that I have a dream that's disturbing in some way. Even moreso one where I wake up and am still scared for a good minute or so. Last night, I had one of the latter.

From what I remember of how it started, about four men and women were standing in an elevator, waiting to reach their floor. In (or around) the elevator though, there was some sort of... entity (for lack of a better word) that was making threats to them. One of the men started taunting it back, which went on for about 10 seconds, before it said the word "smear" followed by the guy saying one more thing, and yeah.

I'm not sure what happened next, but suddenly everything just panned back, and you could see "you" were inside of some (extremely) large tower, all hollowed out, with whitish-blue light streaming in from all the walls. The top of the elevator was also missing, as was the guy's head. Yes indeed. There was a spray of blood (and other stuff that you would assume comes from inside of one's head) going diagonally up and to the right, far enough that it reached the wall.

Then my field of vision moved up a bit, following the "entity" (or so it seemed in the dream), and it grabbed at some upside-down triangle thing with an eye in the middle, that was floating out in midair, with a second one off in the distance in front of it, and a third up and to the right. When it "grabbed" the thing, it was sort of like what you see when you grab one of the blue stars in Super Mario Galaxy, except without the trail between the star and Mario. Still, in the dream, I somehow knew it was there, despite not being able to see it.

I went from feeling scared to quite terrified (because something horrible would've happened if it reached the top of the tower), then woke up, shivering, and felt this cold feeling move down my back, even though I had my blanket snugly over me.

Unusually graphic? Yes. Unexplainable? Yes. Scary even though it was just a dream? Yes.

But then after that I couldn't really get back to sleep again (I could, but not for more than half an hour at a time), not because of the dream, but because I kept obsessing over what time it was, and how much longer I had to sleep.

And then Heart and Stroke, which was effectively ~3 hours copying the names and phone numbers of new canvssers from the route spreadsheets to another blank one, because they're apparently going to be sending out "Thanks for canvassing" type letters. So you can expect one of those eventually, munedust, because I'm pretty sure I saw your name in there :p Have next week off too, because Michele's going to be in Toronto, which is fine by me :3

Then back home, and Naomi left to drop off some job applications just after I got back, so for a bit of fun, I disabled the wireless internet, and went to sleep. Of course, the first thing she said when I walked out of my room was "Can you fix the wireless", but if she doesn't know, I won't tell her :s Yeah, it's pointless, but a bit of harmless fun never hurt anyone (I think).

But since I'm starting to type inane stuff like the above, it's time for me to go to bed. Already up in my room too, which is quite a time saver~


I'm glad I don't have dreams like that. I'd never want to sleep.

We went to Julie's last night and I only have to do Selkirk between Van Allen and Elizabeth. So really that's not too bad. I thought it was the whole steet. She thinks we'll get it done in a few hours when ever I decide I want to do it.
Yeah... definitely not as bad as you had me thinking either. But just remember - there's always next year (unless you say "No"). From what I remember last year as well, at least half the canvassers didn't bring in more than $50, so don't worry about collecting an amazing amount of money :p

And that's why it's a good thing they're fairly rare. If I knew I was going to have a dream like that every single time I went to sleep, I wouldn't want to either :s