Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Thanks Again, Earl

Before I get too angry or whatever, let me say that tonight went remarkably well, considering one of the closers' shifts was canceled, and when I started at 8, almost everything still had to be done. As for the details, another cut, just to separate the work stuff from the rest of this entry:

First of all, like I already said, Earl canceled one of the closers' shifts. Karen, specifically. At first I was sort of angry, because there's usually four of us on a Thursday, but then I realized it was Karen, and I don't particularly like working with her, so it wasn't worth getting angry over.

And then Josh told me his (Earl's) reason for cutting her shift in the first place. Apparently we don't need four closers on a Thursday night. Fine. Whatever. But I have to ask if it would it really hurt that much for him to tell Josh "Send Karen home if you don't need her".

Their reason for not giving us that option was made up a long time ago, and is something about that we can't be trusted to send someone home if we don't need them :\

That aside though, it was actually one of the better nights we've had in a while. Looking forward to tomorrow as well, for leaving at 3, but that's about it.

Otherwise, can't quite remember how I found this now, but there's a rather interesting movie here. I had to pause it and go back at the beginning, just to see if that guy was actually wearing a tail :p And even though it's far from the point of it, "real" furries in the year 2058? Fun to think about :3

Then there's another movie I just watched, that I'm not going to bother linking to, because it's been on several of those social bookmarking type sites. You should be able to easily find it by doing a Google search for "crazy coffee shop lady" or something like that~ I wish they'd shown what happened from the time she walked in there on...

I think I'm just going to head upstairs though. Not particularly tired, but I don't feel like doing anything else down here :\ Here's hoping I actually have a normal sleep tonight too :s

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