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I'd Like to Say His Days are Numbered

Earl's. For a little while now, there has been a "rule" in effect at work, specifically concerning him, that said that if one more call should be made to head office regarding something he did or said, he'd be fired. Guess what happened today (at least according to Michelle)?

He was (presumably - she didn't say) berating Leeann about not being in proper uniform (all I saw when I went in there at 8 was that she had white shoes on), in front of the customers at front cash. One of them said that he was very rude and mean, and asked for the head office's phone number. Then shortly after that, another customer asked him what kind of sauce came on a quesadilla, which ended in them telling him he was rude and whatnot too.

Also, for the second time now, his till has been ~$20 short. Both times, Michelle has been the one to find out, and only after being told that he already counted it, and that it was fine. I can't picture him stealing money, because it'd end up getting taken out of his pay, but anything's possible right now :\

So yeah. Further updates as events warrant and such :p

But there's also two more rules in effect now, one being that we put 3-cheese and pico on meximelts instead of the cheese, tomatoes, and white onion, and also that when handing out an order, we have to say "Thanks! Come again!" Umm... no. I understand the idea behind it, but what's to stop them from adding it to the receipts, for drive through orders, or putting a little sign on the doors in the dining room? Much better idea, at least to me.

Anyways, back to what I was doing before I left for work (Guitar Hero III, obviously)~