Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Think it's Broken...

Was playing Guitar Hero III before I went to bed yesterday night, and after finishing one song ("Hier Kommt Alex", to be specific), it started going down the list of songs by itself. So I hit the strum bar up the other way, which probably wasn't the best idea, but it stopped. Then I decided to give "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" a try, because I can at least get past the intro (fast part(s) included) now. Once the "Devil's Solo" section started, I promptly failed, because it was still somehow registering the strum bar as already being "pressed".

So there's that, and the little bar you push up and down when there's a hold note (can't remember the exact name for it right now) is loose, not to the point of being unusable, but I'm sure it will be before too long :\

Still plan on buying the first game as soon as my transfer clears, but it looks like now, I'll have to find someone that's selling the individual guitars as well. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll find any around here, so that'll have to wait for another couple weeks :s

As for work tonight, there's Michelle, Cindy L., and me. Cindy, I really don't like working with right now, but we've only been on a couple shifts together so far, so that could still change. Michelle's still fine though (we were having quite a bit of fun on line during bar rush last night :p), and it's really helpful for there to be at least one closer I can get along with :x

Also, this. I never would've expected there to be so many different versions of it, let alone one with somebody in a fursuit playing the song, and at the top of the list, no less. Quite interesting, albeit old too. Meh :3

Since I don't feel like fussing with Guitar Hero though, more Knytt Stories. Have 17 pages of levels now, at eight levels a page, and I've only beaten six or seven of them :s

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