Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Disadvantage

My bed is now up next to my window, right? I suppose I could say that it sometimes gets a bit cold because of that, but to fix it all you have to do is reach up and pull it shut. However, the light is a different problem. I was having quite a terrible sleep from about noon on, because I had to pull my blanket up over my head to block the light :s I suppose I could grab another pillow and stuff it in there, then just move it as needed, but yeah. I did have a dream about wearing my tail from Lionel to work, only as far as getting back to the schedule to check what I worked though, but it was fun.

So, one more close tonight, then I get a whole single day off (yay), then back closing on Wednesday and Thursday. Was reading the little ESA sheet that's hung up at the back while Michelle was counting a till and doing her end-of-the-night paperwork yesterday, and apparently we're only entitled to 48 hours off after two weeks :\ That still doesn't explain the utter... nonsensicality, I suppose, of giving me a day off, having to work the next day, and having the day after that off as well, like they've done before. Sure, it's selfish, but that's why I'm not acting on it other than to write about it in here.

I noticed something else about vacation time too, which I think was two consecutive weeks off per year. I don't particularly care about taking that much time off right now, because I'd have nowhere to go, and it'd eventually get ridiculously boring, but it's still another one of those little things. Since I've started working there, Shelia, Earl, and one of the regular employees have been the only ones to take a full week off. Although it'll be something to keep in mind should I still be there when December of next year or so comes.

Just before I head out to do the dishes though, a picture. And as I write this, I've just received another reply :p If you're reading this, *wave*

Now for dishes~

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