Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Michelle Will Definitely be Calling in Tonight

Good thing this is my one day off for now, too, because I really don't want to go in. It's sort of funny though. On the way home last night, she made a comment to the effect of "Where's all this snow we're supposed to be getting?" Every single time the weather came on the radio, they were forecasting "Flurries" (followed promptly by me telling them to drop the "l"~), but yet we saw none all night. Didn't see any when I came home either, but then when I finally decided to head up to bed, I noticed everything had turned white ^^

If this were a couple years ago, I know everyone would want to go sledding, but now we're just so lazy...

But before I forget as well, in the process of hauling everything back upstairs (blanket, bag of candy, laptop, and giant tail, all at once), I knocked my red and black DS Lite off my shelf, and it doesn't work anymore. If I hold the buttons down and shake it, I can still hear something rattling around inside, and according to Nintendo's site, it's still under warranty, but they also state: "Nintendo's warranty does not cover physical damage" :\ In the meantime though, I've sent them an email with the form on their site, so for now, just waiting for a reply.

Also, when I got home yesterday night, I played a couple songs on Guitar Hero III, and managed to do about two and a half before the strum bar started acting up again, so I turned it off. Then later on, while I was up in my room, I remembered seeing a couple achievements in the list that had to be unlocked by completing certain requirement(s) with the controller instead of guitar. At very least, it'll allow me to play the game some more while I wait for my transfer to clear, so it's time to go do that~

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