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Stuff In the Mail / Good Thing I Didn't Stay Up

One DVD has arrived, along with a letter from the bank. Something about a GIC. I'm pretty sure they called me a while back and asked if I had any plans for the money. Told them not right now, and that was that. It's pretty frightening that I can't remember putting $5,000 into it. On January 3rd, apparently.

And then where emails are concerned, nothing back from Merek yet, aside from a little blurb about there being a "better" tiger available now. Patience...

But then also a reply from Nintendo, to say exactly what I figured they would (dropping it on the floor equals physical damage :s), and then one from Paypal, to say another transfer has completed. Adam brought up that he still wants to buy Goemon's Great Adventure (an N64 game) while we were at EB Games yesterday, and I told him it could probably be found online. Sure enough... And now I'm waiting on a reply regarding a Guitar Hero II / III controller, for which the seller is apparently in Ontario as well. What does the listing say? "Ships to: United States". Huh.

No sign of those arm warmers today either, unfortunately, but there's always tomorrow or Friday.

As for why it's good that I didn't stay up, called EB Games shortly after I got out of bed, and asked if they had "No More Heroes". Once again, it was Jeff on the phone, who is the same guy I called last night about Zack & Wiki, and had the game ready as soon as I walked in :3 But no. They didn't get the other game in today :\ We are going grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon though, so at very least, we can run over there to check after we're done at Real Canadian Superstore.

Once again though, I'm hungry, so it's time to go check what's in the kitchen. I *would* eat the rest of the cheesy bread I got with my pizza yesterday night, but someone (Naomi, I'm guessing) has gotten to it before me. Feh.

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