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"I ship anywhere it is legal to ship."

Most recent reply from Merek. Unfortunately, that was earlier this afternoon. I forgot to ask him if he'd ship to Canada before I went to bed last night, so I sent an email to check when I woke up. Within half an hour, he'd replied, but gave no mention to either of the questions I asked before going to bed - how much, by what payment method(s). I really have no patience, but hopefully I'll get answers to them sometime tomorrow.

As for buying another guitar for Guitar Hero II and III, I'm this close ([-----]) to finding another relatively cheap one on eBay (preferably $50 or less), and buying it instead. The listing I found earlier today had them going for $29.99 (and with something like $20 in shipping as well), but the hoops I'm being made to jump through to even get past the Buy-it-Now page (having to provide my name, shipping address, and phone number) are highly aggravating. I'll give them 'till when we get back from grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon.

Playing the game with a controller isn't entirely bad, but I really don't like the control scheme. Maybe something along the lines of "LB" being green, "X" being red, "Y" being yellow, "B" being blue, and "RB" being orange, with either the left or right triggers being used to strum.

Oh, and buying Goemon's Great Adventure for Adam went without problems, as you can see here, although he now owes me $40. Meh.

And one quick thing about work to end this entry: starting next week, there are only going to be two closers, Sunday through Wednesday. It's died down enough lately that it makes sense for them to do that, but still, whatever happened to going back to closing at midnight after Christmas? I wonder...

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