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Second DVD is Here

Still no sign of those arm warmers, but maybe tomorrow. Dad has the DVDs now though, and I have my $30, so I'm happy :3 Also paid for that Guitar Hero II / III guitar, which ended up being over $50 with shipping included, but feh. As best as I can can tell, no place around here has them, and I need to get a replacement somewhere :p No reply from Merek yet, but before we head out to get groceries, I plan on sending him one more~

Had another interesting dream as well. In it, Mom and Dad had just said to me that we "Needed to talk", and the past several times they've said that, it's nothing good. Last time, it was them telling Adam and I that we were required to give them $150 at the beginning of the month, and so on. Getting back to the dream, they said they'd be up in my room in a bit (which effectively means that it's something they don't want Adam or Naomi to hear), so of course, I ran up there first, worrying about what they wanted, and cleaned things up a bit. Then I laid back down in bed (in the dream) and tried to fall asleep before they came up, but then realized my closet key was still out in the open, then actually woke up and just about got out of bed before I realized there was no need.

So I laid back down in bed again, and promptly got to sleep, where the dream continued right where it had been interrupted - laying in bed, trying to fall asleep before they came upstairs.

Next thing I know I woke up (in the dream, once again), and heard Dad clear his throat, and say something about (not even kidding) a "handsome fox". From there all the worry dissipated, because I realized they wanted to know what my tails were for. Asked them (well, mainly directed at Dad) "Do you know what a fursuit is?" No, he said. "Do you know what a furry is?" Once again, no. So as opposed to trying to explain things then and there, I picked up my laptop and went to Wikipedia's page about the whole fandom, so I could tell Dad the URL, and he'd be able to read it for himself.

Cue another mess of trying to explain to him where to go, and the dream ended, but I didn't quite wake up.

I wish they'd take that much of an interest in it... *shrug*

Other than that, work at 8, with Josh, Karen, and Cindy. Then two days off, which I can't say I have any particular plans for. Here's hoping EB Games has No More Heroes" today :s

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