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Link to an article, of which the headline caught my eye earlier tonight. The "mutilated" thing might be a bit of a put-off, but the first thing that came to mind when I read it was that it might actually be in an interesting sort of way. There was an article on Digg / Reddit a couple days ago, that linked to a site with pictures of teddy bears that had been turned inside out and restuffed (I can't be bothered to find it again right now), which was sort of weird, but otherwise interesting.

Therefore, you could call it "Mutilated Teddy Bears" and it'd still make sense, as opposed to "Backwards Teddy Bears" or something, which sounds utterly boring.

Anyways, it's irritating. Sort of hypocritical for me to say too, but how can anyone take pleasure in making someone else's day miserable? I've only bothered with Second Life once, to be honest, and gave up on it because I couldn't figure out how to get a furry avatar as opposed to human, but the point still stands.

As for other things, I'm doing well here. Had nothing to eat at work tonight, aside from one and a half large glasses of water (for we are out of the regular sized cups), and as soon as I got home, made up one of the things I cinnamon rolls I got while we were out grocery shopping today. So for these two weeks, whatever, I guess. I still have another "can" of them up in my room that I'll probably make tomorrow or something, then candy, most of which is still from Christmas, that shouldn't hurt if I only eat a couple of them each day.

Other than that, work went well despite Earl canceling Karen's shift again, EB Games didn't have the game in (but there's still a very slight chance they will today), and I still haven't received a reply to that email, and given that the weekend's coming up I'm not expecting one right away either. Also plan on waiting 'till the end of the month, and if I still haven't heard back from her by then, sending one to SPark to see about my footpaws. Haven't told her what I want yet, and even though I'm sure she at least knows that I want them to be snow leopard ones, but that doesn't change much.

I don't particularly feel like being up here right now though, so I'm off to bed, or at least up to my room to do whatever 'till I get tired enough to go to sleep. I do hope there's another package waiting for me when I wake up...

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