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Next Week, I Guess

In terms of, well, everything. Aside from that order I've been waiting on since Christmas, but I'm going to let them email me first to ask "Did it show up?" I obviously won't be ordering anything else from them, not because of the item(s) never arriving the first time around, but because it'd end up being a terrible waste of money on their part.

The only unfortunate thing about waiting 'till next week is that I have the weekend off again, but otherwise close for five days straight :\ Wouldn't be so bad if we weren't expected to close with only two of us, for four out of five days, and if Michelle could actually put a headset on (she has it in her head that the shift manager can never be on drive through, because they have paperwork and counts and stuff to do), but that's what these two days off are a rest for, I guess.

And still on the topic of work, two things that happened last night.

[1] As soon as I walked in the door, Josh (and Eric) asked me if I wanted to go to the Auto Show in Detroit "tomorrow" (today now). He'd already asked me once before, and I told him no, because it doesn't sound that interesting. His reason for asking me again last night was that Warren's friend decided not to go at 7pm yesterday night, well after Josh had already paid for the tickets, and he didn't want to see that one go to waste. Then Cindy L., Eric, and Earl all tried to convince me to go as well, but my answer was still no.

Next, after we'd closed, he said he needed to put more air in one of his tires, but we had to go all the way out of town to do so, but upon getting out there, the hose was frozen (at least according to Josh), so we went back to 7-11 (the one on St. Clair), which didn't work either :s The last thing he said before I got out of the car (aside from "See ya" and such) was "I guess I'm driving to Detroit on a flat tire tomorrow". I don't think he would, emphasis on the "think" :x

[2] Cindy L. was on drive through last night. That was fine for the first while. I ended up doing all her dishes though, which funnily enough, took me half an hour less than they usually do, but other than that, there was nothing to mention 'till around 1:00.

A customer came through, and wanted something (a number 7, I think) with no tomatoes on the fries. She, however, charged them for extra, and gave him the 30 cents back out of her own pocket. Fine, but I'd pointed it out well before they even pulled up to the window, so unless she didn't know how to change it, I don't see why she didn't bother.

Another customer came through eventually, and wanted a combo 3, hard tacos, no sour cream on anything, with two meximelts. Here is what she rang in. So of course, I made the entire combo with extra sour cream on everything, and only had a chance to look at the order after it had gone out the window. They never phoned back, so sure, it's their loss, but that's why the orders are supposed to be read back.

And now I can't think of what else I want to write :s

I can't wait 'till next week...

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