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What a Terrible Night

Played Zack & Wiki 'till about midnight, then got bored with it, so I did a bit of stuff on my laptop, then figured I'd be better off just going upstairs for the night. Watched a movie I downloaded a little while back (link to a preview, seeing as I can't find any site that's streaming the full version (obviously :s)), then watched another one I downloaded back in October or so, and yeah. Suffice to say, I'm glad I went to sleep when I did, or this entry (if I even decided to post it) could've taken on a whole different tone.

I have somehow gotten it into my head that, by not getting back to me yet, Merek does not want to sell me one of those tigers. Oh, and that's a pretty big hint right there - if you know what it is, good. But please keep it to yourself (as least as far as I'm concerned) for right now. Silly, huh? But to tell the truth, last night I read a post on a different site that said something like "I finally got one!" I want to be able to say that ;_; It sounds so pathetic just typing it out, but I really do.

...and isn't that nice. I've finally gotten around to doing something I've wanted to for a while with my laptop here (that being giving Ubuntu a try), and I have no CD-Rs on which to burn the ISO, so I figured "I'll just ask Mom or Dad if we can run out to Staples". Where did they just go? Out for supper. And it closes at 6. I could walk, sure, but if I did, they'd be closed by the time I got there. I suppose Walmart's still a possibility, as long as they're back before 9 (and they should be).
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Anyways, I've found something else to do with my time for now (go back through all my old entries, and make most of them public again), and we've also just gone out to Walmart, where I got a 10-pack of CD-Rs. So maybe next time I write in this, it'll be from a new OS. Wouldn't that be something~ :3

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