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Sort of Working

Managed to get it installed last night, without screwing up either of the other two partitions that are there right now, and everything's working (seemingly) fine, except for the wireless network :s It shows up when I click the icon in the tray, and I can enter the WEP key fine, but then it just prompts me to do the same every minute or so after that. The little tooltip that shows up when you hover over the Network Manager icon says something like "Waiting for network key for wireless network..." as well, but never gets past that :\ Maybe I'll fiddle around with it a bit more when I get home from work tonight, but otherwise, I'm just removing it.

But on that note, this'll be the first night in a little while that I start at 9 again. Called them last night to check what time I had to be in, and Steve said "It says nine here", so meh. Of course, it's probably going to only Michelle and I closing (I hope they at least give us someone there 'till 11 to do the dining room), and yeah.

I really hope those arm warmers show up tomorrow too ;_; I'll be walking to work Tuesday night, and while I'll wear the pair I have right now, the other ones look so much more softer <3 Then Adam's game, and that Guitar Hero guitar might be arriving this week, so hopefully :p Oh, and of course, reply from Merek too...

Anyways, might as well do a couple months of my entries from 2007, then play Knytt Stories or something. 2004 - 2006 weren't too bad, because I didn't write all that frequently then, but looking back at the months after is quite amusing :p

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