Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Nevermind :3

It is now working~ Followed the directions over here, and after manually setting up the wireless connection, except I had to choose the "Automatic configuration (DHCP)" option. Meh. But now I have to reboot back to Windows because I still want to play Knytt Stories :s

Before I do that though, interesting thing that happened last night. After much deliberation, I stupidly convinced myself to order pizza, so I phoned Little Caesars, and took care of that. When the delivery guy finally got here and knocked on the door, he motioned to the house next door, and mumbled something about "... Little Caesars...". I figured he just parked in the wrong driveway or something, but as he went to walk back to his truck, I noticed someone standing over by the car, and the two of them were talking. They were both from Little Caesars :p But now that I've eaten all that, between yesterday night and this afternoon, I'm not going to have anything to eat at work for the whole week. And nothing next weekend either. And we get paid this week, too. Yay ^^ I'm not expecting ~$500 like I got last time, but I have been working a lot of 8-closes, so it should be near that, at least.

And that's it for this (was supposed to be short) entry.

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