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Two Movies in One Night

I found torrents for both "Waiting..." and "Bean - The Ultimate Disaster" earlier on (about 8:00), and thanks to not-too-bad download speeds, the first was done within four hours, and the second about an hour after that :) Waiting... was just nasty, in the scene where the lady starts complaining about her food, but it's so true :p Every so often a customer will come into Taco Bell that thinks they're the toast of the town, and as such, can act as rude or be as demanding as they want. One such example is something Josh told to me a while back. In the middle of the supper rush, dining room was practically filled up, and the boards were full, and so on. Some lady came up front and said "The tables out here are dirty. You need to get someone to clean them!", and yet everyone was busy doing other things. It's like, if it's that big of a deal, lady, then clean the table yourself. Either that, or just ask for a bag so you can take your food to go. We may have to cater to you to a certain degree, but you're not invincible.

As for the other movie, it was alright. I'd seen it a couple times before on TV, but I never actually knew the name to look for a download of it. However, out of boredom, I got to looking at Wikipedia's page for Mr. Bean earlier on tonight, and found the name of the movie. I really liked the music at the end of it, which got me to thinking about something.

Audacity's record-what's-coming-from-the-speaker feature + plus any given movie = something that might be quite useful for getting through those neverending afternoons at Heart and Stroke (mostly when data cleansing), and also would be something fun to listen to once we're closed at work. I did the same thing with a couple episodes of Garfield from the DVDs I have, but those are only 6 or 7 minutes long anyways. Of course, it'd take a bit of conversion to get the filesize of the mp3 down to an acceptable level after recording (32kbps, VBR, maybe?) but it'd be quite neat.

Anyways, yeah. It's getting on 6 in the morning, and I do plan on going volunteering today, so I've got to find a wallpaper that won't make Adam go "WTF" (I've got this one applied right now, and although it's cool, I'd like something that's not going to make him say "Why the hell do you have a picture of a wolf on a snowboard as your wallpaper?"), then I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow's the first night we close at 12 instead of 2, so at very least, expect something about that when I get home ;)


After watching "Waiting" I vowed to never complain again.
I know what you mean. The worst complaint I got was something I wrote about a while back, where a lady came through drive through in a cab, and after looking at her receipt, complained to the manager that I'd overcharged her. She was looking at the words "UP SUP" on her receipt (which I think stand for UP(SIZE) (TO) SUP(REME)), and was convinced that it was for something she didn't order, when it fact it was to supreme the fries in her combo :s

It's not so much the people that complain that I don't like, as much as the people who feel that they're something wrong with their order, and adopt the attitude that they're absolutely right, and that you don't have a clue what the hell you're talking about.

As well, it really isn't that big of a problem as long as you're polite about it, but I've seen managers on other shifts literally walk to the window, and tell the people waiting there to get out. Well, that, and a couple times in the past I've been trying to take someone's order, and they're either being extremely rude or noisy, so the manager simply readjusted their headset to talk to the people, and told them that either they could stop yelling or being rude, or get out of the line.

Anyways, this has gone on far too long for a comment (in my own journal no less), so it ends right here :x