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Oh Screw That

It must be something with his 360 then, but if it was, why aren't the regular controllers affected?

I did not pay $55.41 to get a new guitar that does the same thing as the old. Just... no.

SO... I'm downloading Frets on Fire right now, and I plan on trying both the new and old guitar with it when I get home from work, or before, if both the program and the song pack finish downloading in time. If the new one works fine, I'll chalk it up to Adam's 360, as I said above. If not, I'll just be out 56 dollars. Just.

Yay :\

Edit: Works somewhat better in Frets on Fire, but I can still only strum one way. Guess I'll just have to play it with the controller, until I get around to buying the first one. FFS.