Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They Would've Already Gone Out...

I was hoping to head up to EB Games sometime this afternoon to possibly get headphones (the control bit, specifically) for my PSP Slim, seeing as I was able to unbrick it when I got home from work, as well as "Organ" has actually installed properly this time (only thing I did different was not deleting the "dic" folder from flash0), and everything still works the same as on my old one, so I'll just bring the slim in from now on. Battery life may be the only thing to speak negatively of, but given circumstances lately, it won't go for more than an hour without being put on standby / sleep mode, and if it does run low, I'll just plug it in before going to bed.

Was actually going to stay up 'till 10 and head out there if they had them, but ended up going to bed around 6, then woke up again (briefly) at 11 :p I suppose I could've just called them and asked to go out there then, but I was much too comfortable in bed :3

And although it most likely won't show up tomorrow, that's when my second order from "Zephyr" has to arrive, before I email them to say "It still hasn't shown up. If you want to send a new one out, you might as well go ahead now." It really is frustrating. *Everything* else I've been expecting in the mail has arrived in decent time (aside from that tail I bought from obliviousally some time ago), except for the above mentioned thing, and the other order I made with them.

Oh, and also, in the process of getting my spare memory stick set up last night, I tried to delete all the other files that were already on there, and got an error when trying to delete the "TrueCrypt" folder. Figured I'd just try to delete one file at a time, so I could figure out which one was causing the problem, and saw this. Doing a quick format of it took care of that folder as well, but it's still weird. Most (not all) of the other files are still intact, but all they are / were is a list of old passwords, a backup of Picross DS puzzle solutions, and a list of stuff I'd want to reinstall / download if I ever screwed up my laptop beyond System Restore or whatever again :p

I should probably phone EB Games though. Mom's just gone out for a walk, but said she'll take me when she gets back~

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