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All night at work, we were expecting it to start snowing. After all, everyone had at least heard something about the "winter storm warning" sometime today. For the whole night though, there was nothing, then the delivery guy showed up early, and it started snowing very lightly afterwards. Couldn't see anything on the way home, or when I went up to my room to change out of my uniform, but upon going up there again to grab my tail from Lionel (which hasn't happened yet, because Dad just has to be watching TV), all I could see on the ground was white :p

It really would've helped had it started snowing while we were still open, because then we might not have been as busy as we were (and we were busy - annoyingly so). But I have three days off now, then work for two, have another three off (WTF), close for a couple more days, then work a short 8 'till 12 midnight shift on Monday. So in other words, my next pay is going to suck :\

On a different note though, something taken from that now-deleted journal I talked about in my most recent friends-only entry:

You found it! Congratulations. BTW, if you get that reference, you have just as much time on your paws as I do (hint: search Google for "mold filled secret room in house").

[...] A good example would be the use of "paws" instead of "hands" in the paragraph up above. Normally I'd use either hands, or "hands / paws (whichever you prefer)". I'm a furry, and as closeted as I may be right now, I hate worrying about what others might say [...]

So true *sigh* I'll admit that it sounds a bit silly when I really think about it, but that'd be me trying to find some justification not to do it. It's sort of like that I think I'm expected to act a certain way, and deviating from that would encourage, well, ridicule, for lack of a better word. I'm too tired to think of the right one at the moment.

Anyways though, bed, as would be expected. Sort of early, but meh. And hopefully I'll wake up and see a new email from SPark to say that my footpaws went out. That'd be awesome <3

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