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Waking Up so Early :s

I have a couple ideas to try whenever I go back to bed again (which won't be for a while, considering I just woke up), and here's hoping they work, because it's really annoying waking up at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and not being able to get back to sleep.

One is staying awake 'till I absolutely cannot keep my eyes open anymore, then going upstairs.

Another is using a different pillowcase, because as nice as the one I'm using right now is, it doesn't quite work for what I'm used to doing when one side gets too warm.

The last is not immediately obsessing over whether or not I'll have received any new replies to my emails. Currently waiting on them from SPark, Merek, "Brownbear", and possibly Zaz. Of course, that could just be solved by plugging my laptop in on the other side of my room :p

It's looking to be a slow afternoon / night otherwise though. If Dad weren't in the living room right now, I'd go in there and actually play Zack & Wiki, but apparently Mom isn't feeling well, and he doesn't want to make her have to drive home, then go back out to pick him up later. The thought's nice, yes, but I wish I could just miss a random day of work because someone else was sick.

Oh, and that's interesting. Phone just rang, and Naomi said it was for me. Josh. He wanted to remind me that we were going to see some movie tomorrow afternoon (so I guess I won't be trying that stay-up-insanely-early thing tonight), so I should check Stinson Theatres' website for the time, and also to say that our hours (as in what time we close) have finally been cut. Monday through *Thursday* (yes), we're closed at 1. Friday and Saturday, 3. Awesome for closing earlier, but bad because I'll be lucky if I get paid ~$400 every two weeks now. But that's just until things start picking up again, so probably until April or May.

And here we go. He wants to see "Meet the Spartans" which apparently starts at 3:45. He'll probably stop by here for a bit after he gets off work though, so I'll tell him then.

Since Dad is still out there though, and I really don't feel like just going back up to my room, time for some Guitar Hero II, for a change~