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Done for Now

Here's hoping I don't end up having to suddenly make all my entries friends-only again, because it took a long time to change them all back. Well, most. Two pages of those left, but I see no reason / have no want to make them public right now :s The only thing I can see right now is (heaven forbid) Josh, or someone else I don't particularly like working with finding it. Maybe I should just create a custom friends group for those entries, and that way be able to restrict / allow access to the rest of them as needed.

So yeah. Josh never stopped by, but I assume he checked the site for himself as well, so he'll likely be here around 3 tomorrow. Therefore, I'm giving myself 'till 2 to sleep, and the hour in between for my usual start-of-the-day stuff. And as an added bonus, he has to work at 7, so I won't have to worry about hearing "Want to do anything tonight?" Sure, Josh, but the only things we have in common anymore are videogames, and that we both work at Taco Bell :\

Then again, I was up in my room for most of the afternoon, so maybe he did, but whatever.

... yay, progress. The tracking page for Adam's game ("Goemon's Great Adventure", once again) has been updated to say "Item accepted at the post office". Still expecting it here next week, because it's only coming from Quebec, but he'd better give me my $40 soon, or he won't be getting it right away~

He (Adam) is finally going to bed though, so it's time to find something to eat :3