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Received a reply to one of those emails this morning that said "I shipped out a replacement to you yesterday via Air mail :)" Well, not an exact quote - it's missing one word :p But in the email I sent them before that, the following was right at the end:

But let's say that I were to order something else from you after this. Would there be any possible way to have some sort of tracking number attached to it? If so, and depending on how much it'd be (I can see up to $10 right now), I'd be willing to pay extra... There's still a bunch of other stuff I want to get first, so it wouldn't be right away (not for a couple months, at least :p), but I figured I'd ask.

Because I would like to know. At very least, it'd be a way to find out where the first package went. But did they say anything about it? No, so screw it. I'm not entirely sure why they're never able to reply to the *whole* email, but I'm not going to bother asking again.

And also, "Service With a Smile". Awesome little short story comic type thing, that I only found out I had yesterday :p You can see one page of it here (if you get an error, you're obviously not allowed to view it), just to have an idea of what I'm talking about. Note that if it looks all pixelly, just view the full size picture. As fantastical as such a thing may be, it's so very fun to think about <3

While I was up in the bathroom taking care of things though, Josh called, to say he'd pick me up at 3:30. I sort of expected to be walking, but meh. Won't make a huge difference either way. It looks like I'm going to play Guitar Hero III in the meantime though~

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