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Was That So Difficult?

Seriously. In about ten minutes, I've been able to find out that, for an extra $4, I can have a tracking number "attached" to the package next time I order something from them. Them being who I was quite frustrated with at the beginning of my previous entry. Unfortunately, it won't be for a couple months at least, because there are currently quite a few things on the list of stuff I want to get. None of them are absolutely necessary, but they're all things I'd like. For example, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (once it comes out), another commission from SPark (what, I won't say, because it's still only an idea right now), Guitar Hero (the first one), and other such things.

But that aside, the movie yesterday, before I completely forget to say anything about it. For one, shorter than I'd expected. Assuming there were 15 minutes of previews, it only ran for an hour, which is fine, I guess. Last time I can remember going to see a movie in the actual theater was almost a full year ago, so I have no reason to complain :p As for the movie itself, it was alright. Not quite as funny as Adam was making it out to be, and certainly not helped by everyone else in the place saying "Nice", or "That's hot" (in the case of a kid behind us) and groaning, at all too predictable points. See the queen (whatever her name was) almost naked in one scene? Everyone starts laughing and saying "Yeah", and such. See all the guys holding hands near the beginning? Cue groaning and things being said like "Gross". But if I were to go any further, I'd be taking it all too seriously, so I'll stop now.

Also, a couple dreams last night. There was a fun one, and a depressing one as well. Each behind a cut, for obvious length.

As usual, I can't remember how it started, but I was standing in front of a table, with someone else to my right, whose head looked like defconn1's (someone from furry_gamers). I wish I could say how I was so certain about that, but I can't think of the proper way to say it.

Anyways though, on the table were a bunch of little cards, for some sort of game, and the point of it was to pick the "furry" characters you'd like to be the most. It's in quotes, because not all of them were necessarily furries. Some were videogame characters, others were from TV shows, etc.

So I picked the snow leopard one first (obviously), then they took their turn, although I can't remember what they chose, followed by me reaching up near the top of the table, and picking one that looked like Flamedramon. They said they were surprised I didn't pick a different one, but I told them I'd pick it on my next turn. Then I woke up.

First of all, none of what you're about to read is in any way representative of what's going on right now here. Figured I'd get that out of the way right now, so I don't get asked "Is everything alright?" Also, I should've written down how this one started, because I know I could remember when I woke up, but I can't now. Anyways...

Mom had said something either to everyone, or just to me, about wanting to find an apartment of her own to live in, and the reason for which was just needing some sort of a change. After much searching, she found one here, in this city, on Lacroix St. (the house I had in mind is, incidentally, not that far from ours :p), but before she went off to live in it on her own, we were all going to spend the night in some sort of hotel, so off we went.

Parked the van right in front of the place, and everybody went in ahead of her and I. And now that I think of it a bit more, the "hotel" was almost like that Copper Terrace Nursing Home. We used to go there once a week (I think), and play songs (on the piano) for the residents, as a volunteer type thing. Getting back to the dream though, I could see a whole bunch of ice covering the windows in the doors, but through it, I could see her standing in the entryway, seemingly waiting for me, so I went in, and noticed her whole back was covered in ice too :s But she turned around, said something that I can't remember now, gave me a quick kiss, and we walked inside, where Dad was standing by the elevator waiting for us. I could see it already looked pretty full though, so in between that, and the fact that the floor indicator said it was at 9, going up (when we were obviously on the ground floor), I said I had to go to the bathroom first, and walked down the hallway to the left looking for them, which led to some sort of store.

There were clothes along the main path (that I, with Dad, Mom, Naomi, and Adam following me) was walking along, but off in the distance, along the wall to my right, I could see produce shelves, with lettuce and various other things on them. Then, still sort of in the distance, I saw some sort of a red box, and decided to go take a look at it. What would it be but (I swear) a Kit Kat cake. Was hardly a small thing either the box itself was easily arm length, but I'm getting carried away.

Naomi walked up beside me, grabbed one, and started tossing it up in the air and letting it fall to the ground some distance away. She did that twice, before I told Dad he might want to tell her to stop. Then, out of nowhere, someone else walked up to us, who I assume was an employee there, and to whom Naomi said "Hi, Jessica", with a "This is my friend and she'll let me get away with it, so hah". Thankfully, "Jessica" told her she'd have to stop, unless she had $10, and Naomi got this flustered look on her face. Then I grabbed the one cake she hadn't been tossing about, and put it in a shopping cart, planning to save it for later, because she (Mom) seems to like Kit Kats.

Finally went off to find the bathroom, which had one of those toilets you're supposed to squat at, as opposed to sit on, and figured I must be in the wrong bathroom, and went out to check the sign, which showed that it was indeed the mens'. Went back in, and took a look at the mirror, thinking about things, and wondering if I would be the next to do what Mom was doing. The specific thought going through my head was "I wonder if squnq still has those apartments available in Hamilton?"

Looked up at the mirror again, and thought to myself "Do I feel like crying? Of course I do", whereupon two tears dramatically rolled down my cheeks, and onto my shirt, then I woke up.

There was actually a third one from the night before last, that had something to do with someone friending me on here in regards to John, and what was going on wherever he works. One of their posts said something like "If you want to know what's really going on, you'll listen to me", but that's all I remember :s

Also, one other thing on my mind for now, being the recent change in hours at work, and the effect it'll have on our pay. From the closers' perspective, we're only losing one hour, which is at most $8.10, and it's only 'till things start picking up again, so as I see it now, it'll simply be nice getting out somewhat earlier. Once I have something I look forward to doing when I get home (No More Heroes, perhaps) it'll be better, but for now, meh. Speaking of which, I need to call them tonight and make sure I'm still on for 8 - close tomorrow. I *think* I am...

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