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Lots of Lightning...

But hardly any thunder. Or rain ;_; Of course, snow is much, much nicer, but a rainstorm is nice too.

Aside from the weather though, first thing for now: this is really annoying. "Uninstalled" Ubuntu last night, after getting overly frustrated with not being able to get the sound working (yeah), and I figured I'd use that partition to attempt to install Leopard on, but it's still downloading, because it gave me a CRC error the first time, like I said in my previous entry. So that's fine. It'll give me something to do considering I have another three days off coming up. For some reason though, everything in XP has slowed down to a crawl. Well, that, and then I tried to enable the "Prompt for password" option in the screensaver settings earlier, and I couldn't get my desktop back afterwards :s

So perhaps tomorrow after getting home from work or something, I'll back up everything that I want to keep, completely reinstall XP, repartition, and go from there. That is, assuming everything I'm downloading is done by then :p

As for work / closing early, we certainly did. 15 minutes earlier than we were supposed to, actually. But whatever. We didn't see any cars pull in after, so there should be no complaints from the customers. Was extremely slow as well, enough so that everything was pretty much ready to go by 12:45. Almost lost it with Karen once again though, over mopping, this time. After watching me do it (properly) while we were deckscrubbing, she took the mop and bucket out into the dining room, and somehow got the floor wet enough that it took over an hour to dry :\ I'd say it more or less comes down to wanting things done the way you're used to, but in the case of what she did tonight, I'd think common sense would tell her "The floor shouldn't be this wet". Oh well.

As planned though, I have Rogue Galaxy down here, but first, I'm going to try this Zack & Wiki once more~

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