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Quick Update(s)

That's interesting. I'm going on a fresh reinstall of XP right now (haven't even installed Firefox yet :p), so I logged in, clicked the "Post Entry" link, and was given a prompt asking if I wanted to restore my draft. Oh, and now I get to install seventy-eight updates :3

But yeah. Got No More Heroes, one of those big pillows, and a small box of nanaimo bars <3 I was going to get a DS Action Replay if they didn't have the game, but thinking about it, Adam hasn't used his in some time, so as long as I ask while he's in a good mood, he shouldn't fuss :p

The game's alright right now, but it hasn't gotten "interesting" yet. As in I can play it and make progress fine, but there's nothing that makes me actually want to.

Also, went to bed at 5, and woke up at 1, so of course I'm rather tired right now, but I've got two games to play (No More Heroes and Rogue Galaxy, seeing as I made a bit of progress in it last night), and most of the night to play them, so yeah :3

Back to work tomorrow, and Josh tried to call me in last night, so I'm sure I'll hear about it :\ Like I had planned for a while now though, I told him I'd come in to help with dishes and prep for the morning and such, but I wasn't going to stay to close. First of all, we'd both be getting something we want that way, and also, I don't want to close with Cindy. At least until she actually shows she knows what she's doing.

And here's hoping this is the last time I format and reinstall Windows again for a little while. Within the past 24 hours, I've gone from XP, to Vista, to Linux Mint (briefly, only because the bar at the bottom of the screen wouldn't load), and now I'm back to XP again. Fun :s