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That Can't Just be a Coincidence

Last time I heard from SPark, she said she'd be happy to send me a picture of my footpaws when they were done, and that it'd hopefully be "tomorrow". That was on the 5th, so last night, I would've sent her a reply to see how they were coming, if I could've figured out some way to say "If you're still sick, then don't worry about it just yet" that actually sounded sincere, but I couldn't, so I discarded the draft, and thought nothing more of it.

But then I had to go to the bathroom for something, and when I came back, the little GMail Notifier icon in the system tray had turned blue :3 So I right-clicked on it, went to "Tell me Again...", and in the little window that popped up, saw the name(s) of three attachments at the bottom. "giant2.jpg" (being the giant tail I commissioned back during the summer), then "snowfeet1", and "snowfeet2". It's going to be at least a day before I work up the nerve to look at them (and once I do, of course I'll upload them here)~

Anyways, she also said they'd be going out on Monday, so I could probably expect them here by Thursday, but I sent her another reply, because that didn't sound right, then went out to the bathroom again, because I had this disgusting taste at the back of my throat, and I felt brushing my teeth would help with it (yes, it's sort of an odd thing to do at ~3 in the morning, but oh well). By the time I got back, she replied saying she'd forgotten I was in Canada again, and that the 14th did seem a bit too soon.

Still haven't heard back from Zaz or Merek yet, but I give 'em 'till the end of next week before I send them a *poke* or something. Maybe I'll have to go into the bathroom for a bit after sending it as well... ^^;

So yeah. Back to work tonight, at 8, and the only other thing I know right now is that we're only open 'till 3.

With that though, I'm going up to my room to grab some food, then it's time for No More Heroes again~

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