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Disappointment #3

[1] I'm expecting a(nother) package in the mail this week, and obviously hoped it'd show up today. It didn't, but it's only Monday, so there's still plenty of time left.

[2] Still waiting on a "Your transfer has completed" email from Paypal. I'll most likely get it while I'm at work, which is fine, because the same thing has happened several times before.

[3] Finally got around to taking a look at the pictures, and was disturbed at not being able to see the claws. But I figured it might have just been the length of the fur, or the angle the pictures were taken at, so I sent SPark an email to ask if they were there.

She said that they wouldn't be visible with the long fur, so she left them off. Yeah. Let's look at the two problems with that in detail, shall we?

{a} I didn't pay $166 to have her make such decisions for me. Why couldn't she have, at very least, sent me an email that said "The claws won't be visible with the long fur. Do you still want them on there?"

{b} I don't want to look at the pictures again, lest I get more frustrated, but I wanted short fur on the bottom, surrounding the paw pads, then up to about the ankle as well. Originally, I had asked for the regular snow leopard pattern fur above that, but was told there'd be no good / effective way to make the two blend, but then she offered to paint spots on the long fur for an extra $40. That was fine by me. Somehow though, she seemingly took that to mean that I wanted short fur just on the bottom, and long fur for the rest. Or so I assume. I'll have to wait 'till they get here, because like I said at the beginning of this paragraph, I don't want to look at the pictures again.

I will admit that if they turn out to look like what I'm picturing, it's my fault for not being more specific, but there'll be a couple weeks of waiting before I can find out.

To be honest, there's only one thing I really want(ed) the claws for (which is slightly linkable to what I want to buy from Merek, just to give you something to think and wonder about), aside from that I think they'd look cool, so it's not a terribly huge deal.

The reply I sent back to her was "Visibility wouldn't have made that much of a difference to me :\", and she hasn't said anything else yet, so I hope she knows what I'm getting at.

But to set that stuff aside for a minute, I ended up getting out of bed at 3 again, which is getting to be really frustrating now, but I have yet another idea, that I'll try tonight. Right now, I have one pillow in my window to block the light in the morning, but some still comes through. I remember hearing something on the radio as well (at least I think it was the radio) about even a small amount of light being enough to disrupt sleep, so I'll have to try either putting another pillow in there, or just hanging a blanket down from my top bunk. Getting to sleep while it's dark isn't a problem, but staying that way when it starts to get light outside is.

Anyways, I've been sitting in this chair since I got up (two and a half hours now), so it's about time I got up. I have dishes to do tonight as well, so I suppose I could get those done right now...

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