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It's Valentines Day today. What an appropriate time for my mood to go all to hell again. Although I suppose it makes sense. Everyone's out with their husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend (or significant other, just to be on the safe side), and yeah. I want to be part of that group, as opposed to the other one, where everyone treats it like a normal day. Aside from kids in school. I still remember that. Going to Shoppers or Zehrs or wherever, and buying those boxes of cards, and giving one to everyone in your class. Of course, by about grade 5 or 6, you'd start to get funny looks (or possibly threats), and you'd quickly stop :p And yes, I do realize I'm far from the only one, but feh.

But no. My day is probably going to go as follows:

[1] Get up around 3, possibly wait for Naomi and Mom to get from from grocery shopping, and go to Shoppers to pick up that package.
[2] Come home, and play games or whatever 'till I have to leave for work.
[3] Go to work.
[4] Come home again, play more games or whatever 'till I get tired, then go to bed.

Although depending on whether or not Mom and Dad have any special plans (they very well could), I might just end up walking to work, then back home again.

As for games, No More Heroes is still all I've really been playing. Right now, I'm just driving around the city looking for Lovikov balls, and also stabbing the ground until I find money, anywhere there's an orange dot on the map~ Been finding plenty of dumpsters too, but the t-shirts are all I'm really concerned with. Took me forever to figure out where "Schpeltiger" was as well. That is, until I realized it was always right near me whenever I took a look at the map :s

Last time I played Rogue Galaxy, I was on Juraika, and had gotten tired of the two mimics you have to fight. Like I've said at least once already though, I have Friday and Saturday off, so I'll probably get a bit further on it then.

But just before I finish this up...

Ange was the supper manager again tonight, and sure enough, when I got there, both Jess, and the other girl that was at front cash yesterday were there again. Of all the times I wish I could work up the nerve to say "I'm going to have to ask you to either sit at a table or wait outside 'till she's done", it's every single time either of them is there.

Like I told both Karen and Steve, I close with her next Friday, and if she starts mouthing off to the customers or employees, I plan on telling her to stop. It's not a matter of wanting everyone to like me anymore, especially with that "You can't please everyone" saying. Yeah, in a sense, I shouldn't tell a manager what to do, but in her case, I'm prepared to make an exception.

I suppose I could end up getting a writeup, but if that were to happen, I could just say "I'm not signing this. I don't feel that I did anything wrong." Her hypocrisy and outright disrespect has gone on for long enough now.

Well, either that, or I won't say anything to her then, but find a chance to talk to both Josh and Earl, so I can tell them "Either see to it that she gets her attitude in check, or stop scheduling me with her." I'd prefer they did the former, because it's not fair to everyone else to keep having to work with her, but yeah, it has to stop.

Now I can't think of anything else to say, so that'll be it 'till whenever I get home from work tomorrow or so~

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