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This is Interesting

It seems to be that anything I buy online that gets shipped from within the US takes a couple weeks to get here, and that's fine. I've gotten used to the wait by now. Those purple and black pairs of arm warmers did come from Australia instead, but they still took a couple weeks to show up, which was fine too. However, take this into consideration, and suddenly that two weeks seems a whole lot longer. Hell, right now, I'm expecting it here on Monday, if it really is in Toronto already.

So anyways, Michele called earlier, but ended up leaving message (apparently Naomi didn't feel like getting up to answer the phone, and I figured it'd be someone from work trying to call me in), but I think the new phone next to the answering machine is causing problems, because all I could make out was her saying "Hi, this is Michele", followed by about ten seconds of static, then it clearing up just enough to be able to hear her say that Naomi didn't have to be in next week. Unfortunately, it's "Family Day" (the only thing I find good about it is that we'll be getting paid time and a half), so she probably won't be in then, which means that I'll have to wait 'till Tuesday to find out what she wanted to tell me. I hope it's not that I don't have to come in, because then I'd feel terrible about not going in this week, but... *shrug* Mom deleted the message because she "Couldn't hear what it was saying" (as opposed to turning the volume up and listening harder), so yeah.

I think I'll go back to Professor Layton (and the Curious Village) for now though. Just up to having solved the matchstick puzzle in Reinhardt (I think) Manor. Did bring No More Heroes down too, but I still have to collect more LB$ on that, which is a very slow process :s I've got the night off though, so I'm sure I'll get to it eventually :3