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"Brother and Sister"

What an inconspicuous name for such a difficult puzzle :s Originally, I thought the brother was younger than the sister, then I couldn't figure out if, by saying "Take x away from my age", you were actually supposed to decrease the brother's age, or not do anything to it before adding the two or one to the sister's. Adam says he plans on buying the game too now, which is fun :3 I have to say I like it alot more than Zack & Wiki though. Specifically, the idea of the puzzle being contained to the one screen, as opposed to the whole level. Being able to attempt to work things out by doodling on the touch screen is helpful too, but aside from the above mentioned puzzle, I haven't made much use of it. Meh.

But as for the main thing for now, this image is laughably sad. An email containing it found it's way into my inbox a little while back, and I quickly reported it as spam (I have Cleartype enabled - what's more to say?), but I took another look at it tonight, out of boredom, and curiosity.

[1] Clicking the "Respond" button led here. As a warning for Firefox users (I can't say for other browsers), you'll likely get a "Suspected Web Forgery" warning. For the purposes of what we're doing here, you can click either "Ignore this Warning", or the red "X" button in the upper right corner of popup.
[2] Don't do it now, but filling in your information would lead to senduzer.php, which redirects to confirmid.php
[2b] See the CAPTCHA? Go here, and open "sec.PNG". It'd be more convincing if they had several images to randomly select from. Screw verification - if you're trying to steal somebody's online info, you probably don't care about that :p
[3] Entering the required information again (and to reiterate, don't do it now) would lead to sendmail.php.
[4] After watching the "Processing Information" GIF, that looks suspiciously like the one you see when you log into Paypal does, you're redirected to the real eBay, and you'd have quite a headache ahead of you in regards to regaining access to your account, and fixing any damage that might have been caused in the interim.

I know it's nothing amazingly fascinating, but it's both interesting and disturbing at the same time, with how seamless such a thing can be.

This has been a largely boring afternoon otherwise though. Aside from playing some more Guitar Hero II(I) while Adam was trying a couple puzzles on my game, I've just been playing that. And I think I might head upstairs too, because at least there, like I said before, I don't have to go anywhere when I get tired enough to go to sleep. Not much of a day / night off, but there's always tomorrow too...

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