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Now that was a good end to an otherwise boring day. Started at 9, and as I usually do, I rotated torts, but in the middle of doing that, Shelia walked up to me and said something about how once Steph was done making the orders that were on the boards, I'd be taking over for her, because she was leaving. I thought nothing of it, because I knew it'd make me more likely to not have to be on drive through, because I'd already be doing something else.

It didn't turn out that way. Mike (someone that used to work there) came in, and Amy wanted to go out and sit down to talk to him, so Glenda asked me if I'd take drive through until she got back. I figured "Whatever. I don't see why not", so I put the headset on, and worked that position for a couple hours. Amy was only on her break for 30 minutes, but when she came back, there were still cars in drive through, so it's not as if I could've said "Here. Take this." About 10:30, Glenda came down to get a pop, so I asked her when we were switching over. Amy must've heard me, because no sooner than I'd said that than I was on line and she was on drive through :s

Things stayed pretty much that way for the rest of the night, which I didn't mind at all. Our bar rush consisted of about 8 cars, which wasn't bad either :p We got out of there about 3:30, so it's funny to think that right now, the guy's there putting the order away himself :3

Tomorrow night's probably going to be bad. First of all, Me, Josh, Sarah, Steph, and Manoah are working. Seriously, WTF? We do not need 5 people on a Friday night. If you're going to schedule that many people for one single close, then do it for a Saturday. Seeing as I'm scheduled to be done at 4, either I'll be allowed to leave early, or Josh'll want me to actually close so he'll have a ride home.

Interesting sidenote here. As I was putting the labels on the boxes of torts, Shelia started saying something to Kevin about how Josh had bought some new "War something game". It's Gears of War. That I can guarantee. However, from what she'd said, he'd been down in the basement the entire day thus far playing it. I've yet to find a game that I can read reviews on, and get all hyped up about, then heading out to buy it, and coming home and playing it for the entire day. Back before I started working at Taco Bell. I whiled away many an hour upstairs in my room playing Pokémon Emerald, but that was more a case of "Hey, I'm getting somewhere on this" rather than just "OMG this game is so good I can't bring myself to shift my attention to anything else". I've yet to even see the game though. Kevin bought it the day it came out, and he was showing it to me in his car the other night, but that's about the most I've seen of it so far. For all I know I could be missing something, but I really don't know right now. Anyways, time to get back on topic.

Yeah. Expecting a ride home. If I were to stay, Manoah would probably get one as well, as he lives pretty far away from Taco Bell, but it just wouldn't work out this time. I can just see him bringing up "Crystal" in the van, and although it's a mere annoyance at work, it'd be extremely embarrassing if it was mentioned in front of my parents. Like I said before, I do want to reveal all to them, and I know I'm going to soon, but it's just frustrating. God, I wish I knew Manoah's email address.

Anyways, moving on. After tomorrow, I have a day off, then I'm back for both Sunday and Monday, off on Tuesday, and that's as far as the current schedule goes. Chances are a new one will be up tomorrow though. I just hope my Tuesday off is followed by the same thing on Wednesday. I doubt it though.

I'm free as far as Heart and Stroke is concerned as well tomorrow. Generally now, I try to be there on Wednesday and Thursday, which seems to be going alright for now. Soon enough I'm going to be getting back into P2P receipting again, so that means I'll probably be up to being in there at least 3 days a week, but at least there I know what I'm going to be doing.

Meh. There's quite a bit more that I still want to write, but now's not the time or place. I started downloading Jackass 2 before I left for work, and it's done now, so I think I'm going to watch it, and see how I'm feeling (heh) afterwards :)

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