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Let's Try That Again

Some nights, I write a whole bunch of stuff, then realize it sounds way to stuffy and crowded, so I delete the whole thing, and start again. Guess what happened just now? In a shorter, point form style list, stuff I had written.

[1]"When God comes back, things are going to change so much."

Not an exact quote, but something like what Susan (the lady we go to for our hair cuts said while we were there today. I appreciate and fully support the idea of everyone being entitled to their own opinion about that sort of thing (or anything else, really), but I could hardly keep myself from saying "I'll let you watch the movie at home if you want". Zeitgeist, obviously. I'm not saying it's the truth or anything, but they still make some good points that are rather difficult to disprove.

It's not like me to be this philosophical (at least I don't think so), but the whole "End" thing they laid out regarding 2012 seems sort of like driving down a highway to me. I can't remember exactly, but let's assume for a moment that the bible is 100% true. I recall there being something right near the end about being given a choice between life or death (the whole "mark of the beast" thing), so if you chose to die, it'd be like you were driving down the highway, and turned off at the next, well, turnoff. What happens if you keep going? You're made to believe it'd be horrible and such (once again, that's strictly what I think I remember hearing), but isn't good / bad a matter of your own point of view?

In all honesty, I believe something will happen in 2012, but can anyone say exactly what?
[2]Easter is coming. Mom and Dad brought that up a little while ago, and asked if we still wanted to go to Oaks Inn this year. The past several times we've gone, Josh has come with us, as has Naomi's friend, which was alright. After last year though, I was a bit more reluctant to ask Josh, so I've just emailed John instead. There's no guarantee he'll even have the day off, but it'd be nice if he could come.

Speaking of which, I also plan on formatting again soon enough, and trying this ISO I downloaded, of "Windows XP Ultimate Edition". If it works, I plan on installing Pidgin (could be Trillian, but feh), because I haven't talked to him in a while, so even a couple minutes every now and then would be fun.
[3]Josh closes tomorrow night, which means I may or may not end up walking home after all. If I have my way, I will, but he's gone to Mom and Dad about me "avoiding" him before, so one can only assume he'd jump to conclusions.

Dear Josh: I assume tomorrow night's shift is going to be frustrating, because the past two have been as well. Walking home allows me some time to cool off (both literally and figuratively), because when I get home, I generally play a game or something, and don't have time to think about how things at work went. Thanks for your understanding.

Also, we have a new closer. Joe. Someone Josh and I went to school with. His first shift was Friday of last week, but I close with him either Friday or Saturday of this week, which is going to be fun. He isn't in 'till 10 though. I remember shifts like that...
[4]This really isn't that short. Therefore, in favor of not deleting it and starting over again, I'm just going to post it as is.

Tables suck ;_;

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