Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That's What I Have Money Tucked Away For, But...

Strange. I wasn't expecting anything else in the mail this week, but I just came downstairs, set my laptop down in the living room, then walked into the kitchen, and there was another little Shoppers slip there for me. Once again, I can't pick it up 'till after 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, but this time, there are $26.00 worth of "Applicable Taxes". Interesting. The only extremely expensive things I'm expecting are my footpaws, and if they're here already, well, all the better for it then, but yeah. The other two things were $30 and $70, aside from those ears that Chesh still plans on making for me, but they'll be free (or so I assume), so yeah.

No reply back from Michele yet either, so I just called to see if she was there, but apparently she's off both today and tomorrow. So like I told Penny, I'm going to assume that means I don't have to go in this week. After I get done writing this though, I plan on backing things up (yet again), in preparation for getting home tonight.

While I'm sort of talking about work though:

When it started, I was telling Steve the same thing I did last night, about how I was carrying over one bag of nacho cheese early, because I didn't think we'd need it. Suddenly, more and more employees started walking in, but I just went back to the walk-in, put the pan in there, and on my way back up to line, ran into Warren, who was standing by the fry dump. By that point, all the lights were off, so I assumed we were closed, and started cleaning stuff up, as did everyone else around me, except they were doing the same things I were. Whoever was standing right next to me was trying to clean up where the hard taco shells go, and I told them "How about you do it this way", and got snapped back at. That part of the dream ended there, and I suddenly found myself in a big open field, at night.

Just sat there for a couple minutes, before I was suddenly back at work again, watching Steve drop beef or something, and call out my name asking where I was, because they were starting to get busy. Cut back to the field again, and Josh was next to me, so I asked him "Aren't we closed at 1 on Wednesday (I think)?" He thought about it for a minute, then said "No, it's 2", which filled me with a feeling of dread, but instead of getting up, I laid on my back and looked at the sky for a bit. Sat up a couple minutes later to see Josh holding his glasses out, and I told him "No. It's not the light that bothers me", and woke up.

Somewhere in there as well, I came into possession of a very tiny PSP (about the width of one of the buttons on a normal sized one), and also a DS with a much larger, clearer top screen.

Yes :3

So anyways, like I said in my previous entry, closing tonight with Josh, and Cindy L. 'till midnight, but I start at 9, which is alright. I'm definitely going to have to tell him I'm walking home too as soon as I get there though. If he makes a fuss, I'll just tell him I planned on walking before I even realized he was the closing manager.

Might as well get going on that other stuff~

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