Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Headaches Suck

Started getting one shortly before I went to bed, but it still wasn't all that bad, so I decided to play Apollo Justice for a bit, and between it getting worse, not being able to figure out where to go on the game, and it getting much worse, I opted to just go to sleep, which was not a good idea.

... oh, and isn't that nice :\ I had needed to go to Shoppers today, but Dad just took the van and went off to work, because Mom supposedly took some medication that requires her to stay in the house. I suppose I could stop by 7-11 on the way to work, but that only solves one of the problems. Feh. Well, actually, it *might* still work...

But anyways, suffice to say, weird dream, involving sending two packages out to whoever, but they'd keep getting mixed up. All the while, my head was still pounding, and I could feel it, but I was "asleep enough" that I realized I was dreaming, and realized I should get up and take a Tylenol or something, but could not so much as do that. Eventually I did though, then laid back down in bed for what felt like half an hour, before finally falling asleep, and not realizing I had 'till I woke up around noon, feeling much, much better :p

So there's that, and also that my room reeks of, well, paint, I guess. I have one idea of where it came from, but it doesn't seem all that likely. I only started noticing it yesterday afternoon, and I suppose it might have something to do with getting a headache, but we'll find out later on tonight, I guess.

Apollo Justice isn't coming along too badly, but right now, I'm stuck. Last thing I can remember being told was that "we" (being Apollo and Trucy) should go back and tell Phoenix we found who hit him. In reality, the only thing that's been found is their car, but if the cell phone found underneath the car belongs to the driver, you can pretty much say you know who they are.

Despite it only being 4 though, I think I'm going back upstairs. Adam's home early, for some reason, and I don't feel like listening to him going on all afternoon :s

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