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It was Alright

Well that movie was interesting. Funny? Yes. Disgusting? Hell no. I really find it hard to believe that people were actually throwing up in the theater from watching that, but according to the couple people from work that went to see it, there were.

Actually, it was rather nasty, but not in the actual acts themselves. Just more when someone had to drink or eat something (if you've seen it already, you'll know what I mean when I say the word "horse" ;)), and then they were trying to keep from throwing up afterwards. Some of the sequences were just plain annoying (any that had the "grandpa"), while others were "If I weren't so comfy right now I'd go back a bit to watch that again."

It's just a pity that this movie, just like a couple of others I downloaded, is contained in .bin and .cue files, as opposed to one single avi. I know there are conversion programs out there, but the only ones I've found so far are trial versions, for which I couldn't find a keygen or crack. What to do...

Either way, I'll probably show it to Adam tomorrow, because he liked the first one, then delete it. If it comes to it where I want to see it again, I'll find an actual .avi, .mpg, .mov, or whatever else. My storage hard drive is rapidly becoming filled up with stuff I'm downloading with uTorrent (I've got it set to save to a folder on that drive, because saving to the c: drive always gave some CRC error or somesuch, and I know what the problem is, but it involves using the floppy drive, and that's currently unaccessible), as well as it's got all the movies I had before I got it, as well as music, and a couple TV series' (Mr. Bean, Whose Line is it Anyway, and The Drew Carey Show).

There are actually two more things I need in that regard.

1) Another external hard drive. The one I have right now is nearly filled up (well not quite - there's still 11GB to use), and it's literally being used as a backup drive for files I can't afford to lose. Really just something with 200GB storage space or more. If at all possible, I'd want to leave it plugged in at all times, but I don't know whether that's safe, and I can't think of the proper search phrase to use with Google to find an answer to that question :\
2) A thing that hooks into one of your USB ports, with 4 or more ports on it, to allow for, say, plugging in both the keyboard and mouse at the same time, and technically only using one. Just because there aren't any USB ports on the front of this computer, and most times, the keyboard and mouse take up two, Adam's thing for uploading Gameshark codes to his GBA is also hooked up, as well as the cord for my PSP. It's not absolutely necessary, but it'd be a convenient thing to have.

Once again though, it's getting near the end of the year, and as our uncle said quite some time ago, we should be getting the money from our Grandpa before then. Not that I don't have enough to get those things now, but I'd rather save what I have, just to avoid working my way into the same position as, say, Josh for example. He's publicly let it be known that he had no money in his bank account until our next pay several times. Right now, I'm at something like $3,400. I just got paid some ~$418 today, but the Wii comes out in a couple weeks (so soon :D), so I'll either be pushing $4,000 or going back into 3K by the time I get one.

Oh, and one other interesting thing of note. There are now a scant three pay periods in between right now and Christmas :o It's coming so fast... I don't think I'm going to be going to the Christmas party this year either (Taco Bell's, that is), as last year, I just sat around and played Liberty City Stories, and Shelia made me get up and dance with her :x Very awkward. I left around 10 as well, because the meal portion of the party was done, and I didn't very well intend to stay around while everyone got pissed out of their minds. So really this year, it's more a matter of "I know what went on last year, and I don't think I'm going to participate this time." All that and the fact that they're still charging $20 a person for it.

It is on a Saturday night, so those of us that don't go are probably going to wish we did while we're working, but whatever. Going to a party and thus not having to work might seem like a good idea, and it is in a certain respect, but it just doesn't work.

Heh. Hanging up decorations around the place will be enough for me :3

Oh, and one other thing I forgot to mention about work earlier: how exactly (as a customer) could you manage to confuse "hard or soft?" with "hot or mild?". A group of people came through during our "bar rush" and ordered 3 combo threes. Amy was taking the order, but I had a headset on as well so I was able to hear her. It took about four attempts at "Hard or soft?" before the customers got what was being asked. All the other times they replied "Hot". Funnily enough, by the time they actually were able to hear what she was saying, she was practically yelling at them :)

Anyways, that's quite a bit more than I planned to write, so I think I'm off to bed now. It's after 6 in the morning, so yeah.

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