Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something's Wrong

I wish I could place exactly what, but thinking back to last night again (specifically, waking up and stumbling into the bathroom), I didn't feel well. Didn't think much of it at first - figured it was because I had a headache, and was still half asleep to begin with. But then I laid back down in bed, waiting for the Tylenol to kick in, and despite being under my blanket (for I only use one :p), I was going from feeling way too hot, to shivering, and then back again :\

Today went pretty much alright, until I came back up here (my room), and by the time I left (all night at work too), I just wanted to lay down in bed and go back to sleep. Maybe that problem's caused by me having spent the entire afternoon up here, but the other one is, as of yet, unexplainable.

Ange, for one, is seemingly all but trying to get Steve fired. She's already asked Cindy L. a couple times what time we closed (on different nights, of course), and apparently asked her to spy on us too. I can sort of understand the former though. Why? Josh asked me a couple questions tonight, completely out of the blue. One was "It's 11:00 and you run out of chili. Do you make another one, or just make up the sauce and use it as you go, so you don't waste beef?" I told him I'd wait 'till we actually got an order with chili in it, which he seemed satisfied with.

Another one was "If you run out of rice on a close, what do you do?" Told him I'd make a single one (as in, using one package of the seasoning, and one cup of rice), which he was fine with as well.

The reason for the questions was that on Sunday night, by 11:00, they (Steve and Cindy L.) were no longer serving chili, rice, or mexican pizzas. Or so he says. I made it quite clear I had that night off, and he went on to say that he knew, but he received quite a few complaints when he opened on Monday.

In other words, as much as I like closing with Steve, his whole idea of "shutting things down" early, due to lack of customers, or simply running out of food too early has to stop, where I'm concerned, at least. I'll admit I've asked him a couple times if, should no more customers come by such and such a time, could we be closed at 20 to or whatever, but I don't want to get fired over something so... preventable. He is a manager, yes, but I already gave him a piece of my mind over the chili that Friday or Saturday a while back, so yeah.

Everyone doesn't do things they should do. To give a quick example, we're now supposed to tell customers they've made an "excellent choice" no matter what they order, as well as at front cash, tell them "if you want condiments, the stand is right over there". I don't agree with that one, but Josh himself said (on Friday, I think) "I don't want to say what they want me to" to a customer at front cash. So way to set an example, there. If the management can't be bothered to do it, why should the regular employees?

I really shouldn't be worrying about everyone else though, but when you consider that if something happened or was done on a particular shift that shouldn't have been, all the staff working that shift would be blamed for it. Maybe there'd be room for negotiation in there, but I can't see it right now.

Anyways, 7-11 had exactly what I was looking for, so that's one more problem taken care of :3 Also (finally) getting somewhere on "Turnabout Corner". Before I get carried away though (I should be asleep right now, because I'm going to Heart and Stroke in the morning) one more thing: for some time now, I've had an ad on pounced.org titled "Looking for Friends...". While I was away at work, someone finally responded to it. Apparently they live in London too, which is interesting, but now, sleep. Maybe tomorrow will go better for the stuff listed at the beginning of this entry...

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