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Slightly Better

I no longer feel like I'm about to fall asleep, at least :p Woke up at noon, and neither Dad nor the van were anywhere to be found, but I waited 'till 12:50 anyways, and he still hadn't showed up, so I walked. Michele wasn't there either, so I left at 3, because I wasn't doing anything hardly worthwhile (reading the help file for PRISM / CIS, more or less), then came home, and slept~ Only 'till 5:30 or so, but it's better than nothing.

In tonight at 8, closing with Josh, at very least, and he expects it to be busy, because it was last Wednesday.

Then tomorrow, we're going out to Country View Golf Course for supper (buffet :3), followed by working 9 to close with Steve and Joe. I wish tonight was the last close I worked before my days off, simply because then I wouldn't have to worry about getting out of there at such a time, then having to go back there again the next night, but meh. Nothing that hasn't happened before.

As for other stuff...

Apollo Justice is going pretty well right now. By far the best part of the game yet though was presenting the fingerprint dusting power to Ema, and watching her eyes light up with realization ^^ Last time I saved, I was in the middle of cross-examining the tall guy's (can't remember his nae) testimony, and the thing Trucy says about recognizing him is rather intriguing. I can't think of anywhere he appeared so far in the game... Finally, Klavier. Enough said <3

This is really regrettable, too. I finally reinstalled MSN (well, Pidgin, to be technical), in order to be able to more readily talk to Zaz, but either he's offline, busy, or away, or he's "available", and I don't want to start a conversation, for fear that he may be talking to someone else ;_; Feh.

Anyways, I might as well go put my uniform on~~