Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

No Luck...

I was hoping something else besides my DS would show up today, but there's nothing. Unless they're running quite late due to the snow out there, but that seems highly unlikely. So feh. Next, week, most likely. I might even just head back upstairs when we get back then. As soon as Dad leaves for work, it's going to be relatively quiet, but once Adam gets back, not so much.

Speaking of Adam, it must be nice (x3). He went out and bought himself an HDTV last night. Just barely fits where the old TV went (he's using it for his 360), and it is nicer, I guess. Only thing I can say at the moment is that you can see a whole lot more of the screen in Guitar Hero III :p Well, that, and I actually had to do the "Calibrate Lag" thing, but meh.

Oh, and Dad, once again just asked me if I had to work tonight. Told him that he wouldn't be here either way, followed by that even if I did, I'd be walking. I appreciate that it's snowing out there, but... well, I shouldn't need to say it again <3 On the walking topic though, when we left last night, I started walking with Steve, 'till he had to turn down a different street, but continued on my way, and was only one or two minutes away from the intersection that 7-11 is on before I finally saw the van. So screw always getting a ride, unless I have my other clothes, or can't get ahold of anyone here. If I feel up to it, I'll just walk. Especially once the summer comes - it'll be nice being able to cool off a bit.

As for that email Michele sent me, replied asking if it was alright if, for this week, I came in on Tuesday from 2 - 4 or 5, and she's fine with that. I don't particularly *want* to, but the way I see it now, the faster P2P receipting gets done, the faster I'll (presumably) get told "Thanks, see you in September".

One last thing though: Turnabout Corner. Did the "checking for shoeprints" thing before I went to sleep last night, and the one in the lower right of the picture obviously belongs to Phoenix. That is, assuming the slippers with the yellow paint on the bottom do too. Why, however, are there no prints where the victim was standing? Also, the "7 years ago" stuff is... disturbing, right now. Why would he (Phoenix) just up and forge evidence, or was it somebody else that did it?

Anyways, for now, there's some stuff I've got to do on the other computer in here~

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