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Two Left~

Turnabout corner has been finished, but there are still a couple things that bother me:

Point by point "flow" of the case is as follows.

[1]The Kitaki family get health checkups, and Wocky finds that a bullet from a previous confrontation is still lodged quite near his heart, and decides to give Pal Meraktis (the doctor who was supposed to remove it) a "taste of his own medicine". He tells Atila his plans, not knowing that she was the the nurse involved in the operation.
[2] Atila realizes it would be very bad if Wocky found his medical report - she wants to marry him, strictly to gain access to the family's money. She takes *a* gun to Pal's office, planning on forcing him to give her the report.
[3] Pal refuses, and attempts to strangle her, because he knows what she's up to.
[4] He puts her body into Eldoon's Noodle cart, because his car is unoperable, due to Stickler having shoved Trucy's "magic panties" into the tailpipe. He doesn't realize that though.
[5] He pulls the cart to People Park, planning on dumping her body into the river.
[6] Wocky meets him there, gun in hand, and says, once again, that he's going to "give him a taste of his own medicine", but Pal tries to reason with him. Stickler, who is looking through the garbage and finds Plum's panties at the time sees them, and yells "Stop!"
[7] Pal turns his head to the right, to see what the noise is, and from inside the cart, Atila fires a gun, sending a bullet into his right temple, and killing him, as indicated in the autopsy report.

My problems are as follows:

[1] Are the guns "used" by Wocky and Atila the same? It doesn't make sense to say that they are, but assuming the answer is "No", then where did she get hers?
[2] Why couldn't Atila have said "I was unconscious until after the murder"? Sure, Pal might have been able to convince Wocky that Atila was just after his family's money, but if he was as determined to shoot him as it seemed in the game, it wouldn't have taken more than a couple seconds.

Only two, yeah, but whatever happened to "Leave no question unanswered"?

Got my DS Lite back though, and it's a new one (at least the serial number is). Same colors as before (red and black) so that's good~ The front of the box says something about "Power" too, so I wonder if something just happened to the switch? Whatever the case though, now I have one "old" DS, and three DS Lites. Yay :s

As for that email from Michele, as things stand right now, I'm going in on Tuesday, from 2 - 4 or 5, and Wednesday at the usual time, as I figured in my previous entry. Sort of on the same subject, Naomi (finally) got a job, someplace at the mall, so assuming that works out, she won't be going to Heart and Stroke anymore, and it also brings up an interesting question about the money we have to give Mom and Dad when we get paid.

The way things are right now, Adam and I are giving Dad $150 per month, totaling $300. It used to be just $100, but they felt the need to change it :\ Now that Naomi's going to be working though, I wonder if they'll allow us to go back to that amount again? I really can't see it, but it can't hurt to ask the Thursday after next.

Anyways though, I'm about to go into the kitchen to make more muffins, and afterwards, head upstairs and start into "Turnabout Serenade". The intro was amusing, to say the least :3

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