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In an effort to make it so that I could push the foot of my bed right up against the wall, I took all my games off the shelf they're on, so I could move it up a little bit, and in the process, I noticed that I seemingly have more DS game boxes than the games themselves. After some comparing, I've come to the conclusion that I'm "missing" the following:

[*] Nintendogs
[*] Feel the Magic
[*] Pac Pix
[*] Tetris DS
[*] New Super Mario Bros.
[*] Trace Memory
[*] Spyro Shadow Legacy
[*] Kirby Canvas Curse
[*] Super Princess Peach

Adam says he has Tetris DS, but doesn't know where it is (no surprise there), and Naomi "hasn't had any DS games in a long time". Frankly, I don't believe one bit of that, but it's not worth the trouble to argue with her. If things go as I hope, I'll be taking a look for myself sooner or later, but before I say too much, I'm going to tidy up my floor a bit, and go back to Turnabout Succession...

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