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Another Decent Shift

Got a few receipts from bar rush to start out with. There's a story behind a couple of 'em, so I'll start with those ones first.
  #326                  DR-T
1 FAMILY PACK            12.99
 10 SOFT
  4 UP SUP                3.96
            GST          1.02
            SBTL        17.97
            PST          1.36
            TOTL        19.33
            DBIT        19.33

The first thing this guy asked when he pulled up to the window was "How can that be so expensive?" Well, first of all, after taxes, a family pack comes to just under $15.00. He also substituted his nachos and cheese for fries, and got them all made into fries supreme, at 99 cents per fry. That brings it up to a couple cents under $19.00, so I don't see why he thought it wasn't right. I said something to the effect of "I guess if you look at it, it really doesn't make sense..." and he snapped back at me with "It doesn't make sense period." I was just thinking "I don't make the prices, okay? There's no reason to get angry with me." So he got his food and went on his (assumedly) merry way. Next one:
  #354                  DR-T
1 5 TACOS                4.99
  5 SOFT
1 SOFTTACO               1.19
            GST           .37
            SBTL         6.55
            PST           .49
            TOTL         7.04
            CASH        20.00
            CHNG        12.96

A nice small order. Six soft tacos. When the guy pulled up to the window, I took his money, then gave him his change. I turned away for two seconds, and he was gone - pulled out of the drive through without so much as waiting for his food XD He never came back or phoned either, so I don't know. One lady did that during our supper rush when I was working a day shift too. She ordered a Nachos Bell Grande. Took her money, gave her the change, and she sped off. That time though, her food was on the counter right beside me. I turned to grab the bag, and she just drove away. WTF?

Now for the orders that were just plain big.
  #348                  DR-T
2 COMBO #3               10.38
1 COMBO #3                5.19
  2 SOFT
6 SOFTSUP                10.14
  2 GUAC                  1.00
1 FRY SUP                 2.49
            GST          1.75
            SBTL        30.95
            PST          2.34
            TOTL        33.29
            CASH         5.00
            CASH         3.50
            CASH        30.00
            CHNG         5.21

I really screwed up the cashing-out with this one. Looking at it right now, even, it seems I shortchanged them :s I gave them 21 cents. I can't even remember how much she handed me, but nothing was said when I handed her change out, so whatever. Be it intentional or not, if I don't give you proper change, and you don't say anything, I'm not going to be held responsible.
  #330                  DR-T
4 TACO                   4.76
4 NACHSUP                9.16
2 FRY SUP                4.98
            GST          1.13
            SBTL        20.03
            PST          1.51
            TOTL        21.54
            CASH        25.00
            CHNG         3.46

6 boxed items in one order? Only 4 can fit in a big bag (although I suppose if we were to use the Taco Salad bags, everything might've fit). And finally, last but not least:
  #327                  DR-T
1 FAMILY PACK            12.99
 10 SOFT
2 COMBO #3               10.38
  4 SOFT
            GST          1.40
            SBTL        24.77
            PST          1.87
            TOTL        26.64
            CASH        40.00
            CHNG        13.36

And that's about it. Oh, there's actually one other order that I don't have the receipt for that bears mentioning. After the big part of the bar rush was done, Josh had me run to the bank for him, and get $20 so he could buy the American money in Steph's till. I got back, walked up on line, and got asked to help make the order. 7 meximelts. Nothing really bad, although it's more than people usually order. I stuffed and wrapped each and every one, and I know for a fact there were 7 in the bag when it was handed out. No though. Apparently, in less than five seconds, the people in the car had counted how many there were, and determined that they were one short. I felt like just saying "No. I made all seven of them myself, and I know they're all in there", but that probably would've gotten me a writeup :p Like seriously, it makes you feel so powerless to know that they're lying, but not being able to do anything about it. It was only one meximelt, so it wasn't a really big deal, but it was still annoying.

So yeah. Other than that, I ended up staying 'till close (as opposed to leaving at 4), because Josh wanted a ride home. Yeah. There are some nights (tonight was one of them) where I just feel like letting my Dad stay asleep and walking home. It's not that far, and it's strangely calm and pleasant walking home at 4 in the morning. I had to once before, in the middle of the winter, wearing nothing but my uniform, so yes, I froze, but it was still fun being able to do something like that. It'd also be a nice way to cool off after a particularly frustrating shift. Simply start blaring music, and just hoof it home, no matter what the conditions are outside. However, several people (names will go unmentioned) see it as being unsafe, and potentially dangerous. Whoop-de-doo. Back when I'd just started closing, there was a night where the auditor was supposed to be coming the next day, so as part of our über-cleaning procedure, we took the hoods down from above the fryers and thermalizers. When I went to put the one on the far right back up, nobody was holding me, and I was stretching as far as I could manage to get that thing back up. That was all going on with the main fryer directly below me. Yeah. If I'd fallen, I'd've gone right in. Which is more unsafe in that case, hmm?

Oh, and to add to that, it was recently brought to my attention that normally we have people from some other company come in to clean them, most likely with specialized equipment. So that's one of two times that I've gotten the short end of the stick there. The other was last winter as well. Shelia was going to clean one of the fryers, but the grease bucket was full from the other one having been cleaned. Note that it'd sat there long enough that the grease had hardened. What does she do? Tells me to take the scoop and bucket out to the grease bin, and empty it. That sucked. By the time I got to the bottom, my fingers were frozen solid, and of course, the scoop wasn't designed for actually scraping the bottom of the thing, so what did I have to do? That's right. Scoop all the rest out with my bare hands. So I finally got back inside, washed my hands thoroughly, and what does Shelia say? "That looks good enough." Then, just a few months ago now, I found out that normally, when the grease has hardened and the bucket needs to be emptied, it gets stuck in the bottom of the heated cabinet at the back, so it can soften up. Fun.

The only other thing worth mentioning tonight is that before I left for work, I ran all three parts of "Taco Hell" through 3GP Converter, then put them on my PSP. I'd planned on bringing them in to show Manoah, because he hasn't seen them yet, but I never got the chance to even pull it out (until we were closed, and that was only to listen to music). See, Kevin wants it to be kept from Josh, because he's mentioned in it, and of course, he probably wouldn't be too happy if he saw it, so he'd probably go to Shelia (his mom, and also the assistant general manager (although whether that position actually exists or not has yet to be proven)), and then we'd all be over our heads in trouble.

So anyways, as for the rest of the day, I slept 'till 4:30, did some stuff on the computer, then we all went to Swiss Chalet for supper, got back home around 8, so I got dressed for work, did more stuff on the computer, and that's where we are right now.

One thing really bothers me about Swiss Chalet though. Why do they have a drive through? Seriously, you must really be in a hurry if you have to use it. Still, I sat facing it, and saw about 6 people pull in through the course of our supper. Are there people that are so lazy that they can't even be bothered to walk into a restaurant to eat their food? Not that I'm saying everyone is or anything, but it just doesn't make sense.

I only got bothered about a certain topic once tonight, by Manoah, as usual. This time though, I told him "You just don't worry about it." I should've stuck with "I'm not telling you anything", because he went to town with me on that. Something about "If you don't tell me, I'll get Josh to tease / bother you more than you'd ever want", and all I said in reply was "Nothing new to me." Seriously, I was teased in all manners through public and high school, so there's not much I haven't yet undergone.

Anyways, I think that'll be about it for now. I'm not really that tired yet, but I'd rather cut this off now when I've said most everything that I wanted to, rather than continuing, and getting tired right in the middle of typing. I do have the day off today, and I also got Manoah to take my Wednesday shift coming up (an 8 - close), so now I've actually got two days off instead of just one, after Saturday. Woo. I might write something tomorrow night, so until then :)

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