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Good Enough

All I originally had in mind was figuring out how to change the font(s) in the "Bonjour Chatette" theme, but that somehow managed to spending a good half hour fiddling with the various colors and attributes for things (yay CSS :3), so yeah. Hopefully I won't look at it tomorrow whenever, and end up changing back to the other theme :s It more or less looks like it, with a couple subtle (and not so subtle) differences, but it's not quite *the* same. Meh.

But to begin, We have yet another audit coming up, sometime this month, and as has happened the several times before, there is now a list of stuff that needs to be cleaned written on the cabinet, and as we complete the various things listed, we're to cross them off. And yes, by that I am trying to get at the pointlessness of *only* cleaning really well when an audit's coming, and not actually requiring it to be done regularly.

For example, one of the items still to be done is to clean underneath the thermalizers (and possibly fryers). It's quite obvious that they're alot easier to move when empty, and there are only two times during any given day that they both meet that requirement - after we've closed, and have them both drained, or when the openers come in in the morning. I'm not saying it should be left to either shift to always have to do them, but why doesn't one shift do them at the beginning of the month, and the other halfway through or something? At least the floor underneath would stay somewhat clean that way.

Also though, Michelle was supposed to be the closing manager tonight, but Steve was there instead. Apparently she quit, presumably on the weekend, because she was supposed to close Saturday night as well, but Earl ended up having to take that shift :\ Frankly, I'm not surprised, because the possibility was brought up already, and I'm not disappointed either, because I haven't worked with her in over a month, but yeah *shrug*

Oh, and getting back to the audit thing, there's something interesting with the floor in the middle now. The cement or whatever it is has started to come out from between four of the tiles, and stepping on any of them (they're arranged in a square) causes dirty looking water to come out of the crack :s So of course, that's on the list to be done, but either Earl does it himself, or leaves directions for the night crew, so we / they can do it before leaving the store.

That aside though Naomi starts her job tomorrow, for one thing. Nothing in particular to say about that yet, but it's really, really nice to be able to come home, and have everyone already in bed.

Also, Turnabout Succession is still coming along at a slow pace (I'm up to cross-examining the reporter), but the drawings hidden under Drew's "paintings" are certainly intriguing. Speaking of which, I still don't know what Trucy meant in the second case when she said she thought she recognized Stickler. As for the drawings though, why are they there? What they depict can't just be a coincidence, so the biggest question for now is "Why?" Although if I remember right, when I was looking at Wikipedia's page for the game, it said this case was better than any others in any of the games, so... hmm... Right now, I'd have to say somebody forced Vera (I think that was her name) to put poison on the cup's rim, but that seems too simple, and / or disappointing.

I'm getting more incoherent by the moment though, so it's time I called it a night, and maybe when I get up later in the afternoon, there'll be something downstairs for me~

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