Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Should've Guessed I'd Forget Something

Just decided I wanted to go downstairs and find something to eat, yes? I couldn't find my jeans, but quickly remembered I'd worn them to work. So right now my bag of stuff is still sitting in the staff washroom there ;_; I figure I can just ask to be taken there before going to Heart and Stroke, because I'm not about to wear sweatpants around all day :s

Thanks in no small part to the snow though, we had very few customers tonight, so I can only hope tomorrow goes the same. Was sort of frustrating at the beginning of the shift though. Josh bought a laptop sometime since last Wednesday, and brought it in to work tonight. Wherever it was, everyone was crowding around it watching whatever movie he had playing. But also, forgot to say it before, but John came through yesterday night, which was nice. He absolutely refused to take a free cheesy beefy melt, but oh well :p

And before I head to bed, Turnabout Succession is starting to get interesting now. I'm considering leaving it for the weekend though, because aside from going to Wendys or something for supper, I haven't any particular plans.

Anyways, bed, because I have to be up a bit earlier than normal tomorrow~

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