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Way Too Much to Talk About (Again ;_;)

In an effort to tidy up my tabs in Firefox here, some things in them I've been meaning to write about:

[1] This actually looks really interesting. Pity they don't go into detail about how they got down there. I've only ever been to Niagara Falls once, for a family vacation several years ago, and we only went to see the falls a couple times (even then, we were young enough to think it was boring, and wanted to see something more exciting), but it's amazing what sort of stuff can essentially be hidden right in front of your eyes. Not literally, of course, but yeah~

[2] I have a hard time believing this is real, but assuming it is, the guy sounds like an awfully good sport. Number 4 comes off a bit condescending, but I suppose that shouldn't come as a surprise :p

[3] This (yay for unoriginal link names) is annoying. I can understand charging the guys for running in the first place, but what's with the "involuntary manslaughter" thing? Sort of an oxymoron right there, given the circumstances, but yeah. How would they (the guys that took off) know that the deputy had an enlarged heart / cardiovascular disease, and for that matter, how is it their fault in the first place? Yes, you could say "If they hadn't run off, he might not have died", but that hardly seems fair to both parties involved. Ugh.

[4] This is quite interesting too. All I can say is I use Excel to make flyers and such at Heart and Stroke, which is still not quite the intended use. Making a game (or something 3D, at least) is different, however. Although I have to say I disagree with the "The best example of this exceptional resizeability is Excel's default setting, where the pixels are so distorted and rectangle-shaped that it is very easy to confuse them with a data entry field" bit. It was intended to be used as a spreadsheeting program, so it's rather pretentious to say they're "pixels" all along. *shrug*


Once again, I quickly started to lose my patience with Karen. Mostly because she was on line for most of the night, but even so, it wasn't quite as bad as a couple other closes in the past. One particular example for tonight though would be when a customer came through an ordered two meximelts, a chili cheese burrito, and a chicken burrito combo with no lettuce. The first question she asked as soon as I walked over to line was "No lettuce on the burrito, right?"

Umm... yes. If you'll look at the order, you'll notice there's only one thing in it that normally gets lettuce. Then also, sometime after that, there was an order for a combo 4 with cheese fries. Once again, the first thing she asked me was "Cheese on the fries, right?" For what's most certainly not the first time, on closes, you're expected to know how to manage whatever you're put on yourself. I can make exceptions for new employees, such as Joe, but not Karen.

And while I'm being terribly fussy, Josh can't clean line to save his life either. But before I go into too much detail about that, something that sums it up quite nicely that I'm sure I've said before: where work is concerned, I stand firmly by the idea of "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." I know there's a huge hole in the logic of that statement, and I also realize it's not really helping where "working as a team" is concerned, but feh. Enough of that.

Also, now that I've thought of it, something weird that happened on the way home from work last night. I decided to walk, in order to stop by 7-11, which was fine up until I got near that gas station that's now closed. Went from walking more or less straight, to almost ending up in the snow, so I sort of got back on track, but in less than 5 seconds, went to the left instead :s It's sort of disturbing, knowing / thinking that you want to walk in a straight line, but not being able to. So I stopped for a few more seconds, then started walking again, and made it home just fine. It was still weird though :x

But before I think of something else I want to write (this has gone on long enough already), I'm going to bed. Didn't get a good sleep last night, for dreaming that I was at Taco Bell working (followed by being at some place like Walmart, working one of the checkout lanes, and not knowing how to do whatever I had to do), so hopefully tonight. And tomorrow's the last day this week that I might see something in the mail that I'm waiting for. Maybe... :3

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