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Now It's Getting Very Exciting

So I've just finished the "Phoenix Wright's Last Case" section of Turnabout Succession, and yes. Not an exact quote, but "Only when you find the answers to all four questions, will the final trial begin"? Makes me wish I'd started playing it earlier in the day ;_; Thus far, "Bridge to the Turnabout" in Trials and Tribulations would have to be my favorite case (it's long, and gets quite suspenseful, among other things), but I'm beginning to think it might get pushed down a spot.

But having said that, there's an email I've been trying to figure out how to reply to all day, then I'm going back to the game (as if that wasn't obvious).

Oh, and menacing snowstorm for southern Ontario. Not only has it been that way all day, but it's the first time I've seen them use "menacing" (usually it's just "severe" or something like it). I can't wait ^^

Edit: Even though I have a feeling I'm not even halfway through the case yet, there's one word I can think of to describe it: epic. Here's hoping it turns out to be that and more~

Edit 2: I take back what I said before (I think it was when I was still playing through Trials and Tribulations) about having all the cases being connected together in the end being a pain...

Just as a little example right now, as soon as I realized who "Shadi Smith" actually was, I could only think "Just what went on in the first case?" If the events that were shown to have occurred are actually the truth, then where does that leave "Shadi"? Also, just what does the Gramarye Envelope contain? The description specifically stated "To be opened when the time is right", but it must really be, well, for lack of a better description, decisive evidence.

Even though I don't want to though, I should get in the shower now that everyone's gone to bed, and won't be able to bother me to use the bathroom or whatever :s