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That Can Wait 'Till Tomorrow~

Or later today, really. I do believe I'm more or less finished finding the answers to the questions, but the purpose of the black / gray psyche-locks still elude me. Perhaps they indicate that their "bearer" is truly the one responsible for everything revealed in the "MASON System" part of the case, but yeah. The only thing I'm going to have a problem with right now is getting to sleep. It's 7 in the morning, and I'm not tired in the slightest ^^ Maybe I'll just work on a couple Picross DS puzzles though, because that always makes me tired quite quickly.

Also, this is interesting. I'm obviously laying in bed right now, and every so often, I can feel snow landing on my back :3 It's in no way a bad thing (if it was, I could easily close my window), but it's rather different :p

Anyways though, I have one other thing to take care of first, then it's time to (once again) see about getting to sleep~