Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

"And that is the Whole Truth of this Case"

Frankly, I'm disappointed that the final court session was so short, as well as that you never get the chance to unlock Kristoph's (omitted for rather large spoilers, but you can still highlight to read it) psyche-locks, and also that you're actually given the chance to declare Vera guilty or not guilty.

First of all, Phoenix addresses you as "jurist #6", and secondly, if this "Jurist System" is what I'm taking it to be (everyone makes their own decisions based on what happens in court, and the majority gets taken as the verdict), that must mean that the other jurists were split evenly on whether they thought Vera was guilty or not. But wait! There's a glaringly obvious problem with that: how could the "decision" be split evenly, if there were only 5 other jurors? I don't recall the game giving a specific number, so yeah, there might be 7, but either option is quite valid :\

And also, what would happen if you cho(o)se "guilty"? I did save shortly before you make that decision, but I can't picture wanting to find out :s

Oh, and two little things that I'm going to be fussy about just because I can:

"...It's not to late to rethink this and avoid more... embarrassment."

Something Gavin (or Klavier) says shortly before you present the forged evidence. There is an "o" missing ;_;

Then also..

"You know, I think thing's are going to be OK!"

Quote from (young) Trucy, taken from when you talk with her in the Wright & Co. Law Offices. In this case, an extra apostrophe~

I'm sort of disappointed you don't see Maya at all, but meh.

Having said that though, Bridge to the Turnabout would still have to be my favorite case. This one (Turnabout Succession) would be second, followed by "Farewell, My Turnabout", then "Rise from the Ashes". Thus, I might start "Bridge to the Turnabout" again later tonight, but not right now.

Anyways though, the weather out there. Not quite as "menacing" as I figured it'd be, but it's still nice <3 Dad's apparently already made the decision that nobody's going anywhere tonight, which just makes me want to walk up to 7-11 or something later so badly, but I already went last night, and there's muffin mix in the cupboard that I could make use of, so we'll have to see.

In the meantime, however, I'd go into the dining room and play Guitar Hero III, if Adam weren't still using the 360 (despite not actually playing anything on it, as before), but I've been meaning to tidy up the programs list in my start menu for a while now, so I might as well while I have, well, nothing better to do :3

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