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Fun with Time

It's sort of weird watching the clock in the system tray go from 1:59 to 3:00 :p It's also sort of fun to think that several years ago, we hated this day, because it always meant we had to start getting up for church earlier. Well, that, and school too, but you didn't have to worry about going there on Sunday. I still like the other one better, because it gives you an extra hour to sleep in, but the way things are going these days, losing an hour isn't going to make much of a difference~

Anyways, a couple more random links like before. First of all "Uncle Dirty" As the name may or may not indicate, some of it is NSFW, and possibly for home as well, depending on who else is in the room. If anything, it's... refreshing, to see someone with such a lack of self-consciousness. I'll admit that if I were to have seen those pictures somewhere else first, I'd probably be somewhat taken aback, but as long as you're not causing direct harm to anyone or anything around you (in this case, Alga, or their (fat) cat), I don't see any reason to be worried about negative opinions. Yeah, it's unusual, but if it was just an old guy and his mentally handicapped, well, significant other, I guess, I hardly think there'd be an article about it at all. Also, there's something about Alga that's just... appealing, really. I can't place what, but yeah...

Also, I want one of these. When I first happened across that site, there were ~150 of them in stock (or at least the 2GB SD card bundles), so I patiently waited for my transfer to Paypal to clear, then I checked back, only to find that they were suddenly out of stock ;_; Oh well. I've already opted in to the "Notify me of updates" thing, but I still keep checking back every hour or so just in case :3

And otherwise, tonight has been different. Started "Bridge to the Turnabout" again, as I said I was going to, but that quickly got boring (the initial investigations pretty much all are), so I went to sleep. That was at 10 or so, and I woke up again at midnight, all toasty warm because I had my giant tail on top of me (<3), but it was rather getting in the way too, so I dragged it over to my chair, which is funny, because hardly any of it's actually on there, then I went back to sleep again. Woke up once more shortly before 2, went downstairs to grab a couple of the muffins I made earlier, then came back up here in time to see the time change. I've been up since, and like yesterday night, I'm not at all tired, but I'm sure if I were to close my laptop and lay my head down on my pillow, I'd fall asleep again quickly enough.

Last little tidbits:

This is nice. I'm not completely sure why, but for this whole weekend, I've felt like things are (finally) changing. Last time such a thing "happened" would have to be January 24th ~ 27th, back in 2007. Most likely not for the same reason, but I couldn't really expect it to be either.

New desktop. Not really *new*, per se, considering all I did was change the wallpaper and apply a new visual style, but yeah. The song in the upper left corner comes from this movie, and is, in a (cheesy) word, beautiful. Just so long as you're talking about the song, and not what the lyrics of the song talk about.

But because I'd prefer to have dry clothes by the time I wake up tomorrow, I'd better go put my laundry in the dryer~

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