Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Thanks, Dad...

This is a bit old now, but anyways...

As I said in my previous entry, I asked Dad if he could pay that $16 for me, given that I don't have access to a credit card or cheque, and he said yes, so when I got done at work, I went to the bank, and withdrew the money. Skip ahead this afternoon, and I gave it to both of them, explaining what the extra was for, then he (Dad) says something about how he wasn't going to send a cheque out, so he got a money order instead. Had I known they accepted money orders (in retrospect, I suppose there's no reason they wouldn't), I would've gone to the bank myself :\ But as of right now, it's been sent out, along with a little note explaining things, so hopefully they'll take it :s

And also, Terry (the lady Mom works for) called earlier, and left a message saying that she should come in Tuesday next week instead of tonight, which I gave to her when she got home. Just a couple minutes ago, I asked her if we could run out somewhere to get supper, and what does she say? "I have to be to work soon!" Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

Otherwise though, slept 'till 3, which was nice, because I only woke up once at 1 to check for anything new on a couple sites, which leads me to that I don't want to send you another "*poke*", Hawk (if I'm allowed to call you that), so do reply when you have the chance :3

That was followed by more Smash Bros., and I've now unlocked all the characters, and am working on the "Collection" (I think) thing.

But I think we're leaving shortly, so I'll leave it at that~

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