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Mom and Dad just got home. Apparently they'd been down in London for supper, and I'm not even going to ask. Nice to know what the gas money me and Adam pay them every two weeks is going for :\ That's not the interesting thing though. When they got back, Dad said hi, then "You almost had a chance to work today. Josh's Mom was in quite a bind." I responded with "She always is."

Seriously, if someone calls in, that's not even that good at their job (say someone that's only on their 3rd or 4th shift), she'll think they need to call someone in. If things are pretty busy, despite the fact that they have 6 people on already, she'll try to call someone in early. Hell, she's called me in a couple times for three hours. For real. If I was her in that sort of situation, I'd just say "Okay. These couple hours coming up will probably be a bit more rough than normal, but we can make it." It's like no matter what happens, her solution to anything there is "Call someone in."

More often than not as well, on the shifts that she has someone come in, she's usually scheduled to leave at 9 or 10. About three quarters of the time she leaves at least an hour early. Yeah. Like, I usually don't have a problem coming in if you're really screwed over, but it seems most of the time they'd be fine without me, or whoever else they have come in. There was one supper shift before, where she called me in a couple hours earlier than I was supposed to start. About half an hour before her shift ended, she started cleaning the main fryer. All she did was drain the grease, and she left, leaving me to try to handle drive through, and get the fryer cleaned up and refilled by myself. Not fun.

It's definitely a good thing that I don't have to work with her alot. From what I'd seen before I started working there, she seemed pretty nice, but now, I've heard a wealth of stuff that I'd never even imagine having to do with her. That really seems to be the common recurring theme at that place though. Backstab the people that you don't like. Woo. That's exactly why I try to keep to myself while working though, I suppose.

For the longest time, her (Shelia) and Amy seemed to be the best of friends, despite their age difference. The one morning I opened with them, Shelia went out and got McDonalds, and they ate it together in the dining room. As well, it seemed that whenever she had something new to share, Amy was always the first one she told it to. Thursday night though, I found out that they couldn't be more different. Amy was going on and on about something involving perfect portioning, and how she thought Shelia wrote a CHAMPS card in order to mock her or something. That's really exactly it. Play the friend act for as long as necessary, but if someone does something you don't like, turn around and stab 'em in the back :s

Oh wow. What day's Remembrance Day? I think it's the 11th of November, but I can never remember. All I know is that this almost certainly marks my 1st year of working at Taco Bell :o I clearly remember arriving a bit early for my very first shift, because I didn't want to be late, so I was just told to go sit down in the dining room for a bit. I sat, and waited, and waited some more, then all of a sudden, the "Please join us in a moment of silence" bit came on the radio. Oh God, has it really been a year already?

Well, whatever. I know some people treat it as a big deal. Josh for one would not get off Earl's back about getting his 1-year pin, but I could care less. I don't want something that shows how long I've been working there, and that's that.

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